29 June, 2010

At the Opera...

A few days ago Josh tweeted:

The LA Opera then tweeted this photo of Josh hanging our with Tariqh.

And here's another pic posted by the LA Opera of Josh with Placido Domingo and LA Opera Music Director, James Conlon.

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18 June, 2010

New Pic (Part 9) & an update...

And just in case you've been wondering what Josh has been doing for the past few years, this has just been posted:
Thanks once again JG.com 

09 June, 2010

Good Day LA...

Josh stopped by Good Day LA on June 8th to discuss his appearance on the season final of Glee. Watch the short clip here.


06 June, 2010

New Pic (Part 7)...

Hope you're sitting down...

(This one has been available on FoJG as an exclusive pic for a few days and I've been waiting patiently for it to appear on JG.com before posting it here.  Anyway, it still hasn't appeared, but it has been posted on Josh's Facebook page so here it is.)

05 June, 2010

New Song - Yes, I said a new song...

After a very long wait we finally have some NEW music from Josh. Yeah!!!

On Friday he took part in an entertainment extravaganza for the annual Wal-Mart shareholders meeting in Arkansas


called "Hidden Away".

I don't know about you, but for me this brings the anticipation for the new album to a much higher level...


Sadly the video has been pulled from YouTube/WalMart :-(

Here's another clip (fingers crossed it lasts)