29 November, 2009


I've just finished watching "Troy" again, so I just had to post this.


27 November, 2009

You must visit...

this site -- The Josh Groban Photo Gallery

The site has been created by Tanya from the Friends of Josh Groban (FoJG) message board and she's one of those great Groban photo detectives who always manages to find those elusive pictures of Josh before almost anyone else. She then shares her 'finds' with everyone on FoJG.

Thankfully for us, she has just launched this awesome website to store the photos she's been collecting over the past 3 years, so make sure you check it out and bookmark it as a favorite as you'll need quite a few days to enjoy the pics.


26 November, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving...

What are you thankful for???

I'm thankful for a lot of things, but one that's very high on my list is all the wonderful friends I've met through our mutual admiration of Josh.


22 November, 2009

Bridge School Volume 4...

Some very exciting news - it looks like that the Bridge School is going to release "The Bridge School Collection - Volume 4" via iTunes on 24 November and it will feature two of Josh's performances from the 2008 concert - "Changing Colors" & "Harvest Moon" with Neil Young. The source is Tegan & Sara who also feature on two tracks, so it sounds like it's pretty genuine. (** EDITED - I can confirm this is 100% accurate as I've now downloaded both songs from iTunes!! And "Changing Colors is on repeat. LOL)

The complete track listing is:

1) Ministry – Here They Come – 11/2/94
2) Ministry – Paisley – 11/2/94
3) John Mellencamp – Jackie Brown – 10/29/05
4) Jerry Lee Lewis – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On -10/30/05
5) Trent Reznor – Fragile – 10/22/06
6) Trent Reznor – Hurt – 10/22/06
7) John Mayer – Heart Of Life – 10/27/07
8) John Mayer - Waiting On The World – 10/27/07
9) Regina Spektor – Ain’t No Cover – 10/27/07
10) My Morning Jacket – Gideon – 10/28/07
11) My Morning Jacket – Just One Thing – 10/28/07
12) Tegan & Sara – Dark Come Soon – 10/28/07
13) Tegan & Sara – Like Oh, Like H – 10/28/07
14) Tom Waits & Kronos Quartet – What Keeps Mankind Alive – 10/28/07
15) Tom Waits & Kronos Quartet – The Part You Throw Away – 10/28/07
16) Band of Horses – Marry Song - 10/25/08
17) Band of Horses – The General Specific – 10/25/08
18) Norah Jones – Jesus Don’t Cry – 10/25/08
19) Death Cab For Cutie – Cath – 10/26/08
20) Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart – 10/26/08
21) Josh Groban – Changing Colors – 10/26/08
22) Josh Groban With Neil Young – Harvest Moon – 10/26/08


19 November, 2009

Yes, yes, yes!!!! (Pt.2)

The text reads -

AGE - 28
STATUS - Single
NEXT UP - He's recording his sixth studio CD

I Don't Get It, But I'll Take It
(Sung with extreme country twang)...

Sometimes just like all of us
It's hard for me to see
The compliments that others
are so kind to give to me
Cause growing up a nerdy guy
Geek chic to say the least
It's kinda cool that I'll be looked at
like a piece of meat
I don't get it
but I'll take it
It's just too good to be true
Mom always says I'm handsome
and now People thinks so too
And if you're reading this & wondering
"Could this all happen to me?"
Just remember that it's sexy
to be looked at differently
Oooh I don't get it...
But I sure as hell will take it


Yes, yes, yes!!!!


A few weeks ago Josh tweeted:

At the time, there was a lot of speculation as to what it was for, including the cover of Rolling Stone. Well today, all has been revealed. Although a RS cover would be pretty awesome!

And just in case the YTube clip gets pulled - here's the link to the video on the site (sadly they won't let me embed the clip)


17 November, 2009


Josh having a night out and enjoying the LA Lakers game against the Houston Rockets at Staples Center on November 15, 2009.


13 November, 2009

Feeding America...

Here's a clip featuring a number of celebrities showing their support for Feeding America. Josh is shown at around 1:12.

You might remember that while Josh was in Washington for the Inauguration earlier this year, he teamed up with Martin Luther King III, actor David Arquette and Herbie Hancock to support the non-profit group Feeding America. People were asked to donate the food or money they would have spent on lunch to help tackle hunger. You can get more information at http://feedingamerica.org/.

(A big thanks to Isabel from Twitter for giving me the heads up...)


11 November, 2009


Music News Net is reporting that Josh will be joining a host of other stars to pay tribute to Neil Young at the 2010 MusiCares gala to be held in Los Angeles on Friday 29 January, 2010. Other stars performing include Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, k.d. Lang, Dave Matthews, Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Wilco, and Jackson Browne.

Back in 2008, Josh joined Neil at his Bridge School Benefit where they shared the stage in this great version of Harvest Moon.

And should you wish to re-live the memories of Josh's other Bridge School performances (including performing with the Smashing Pumpkins), you can go to this blog entry.

10 November, 2009

Looking good...

The anticipation is over and the new JoshGroban.com website has been launched.

Josh posted a blog to announce the launch -

New Website!!

I am proud to announce that the new JoshGroban.com 1.0 has been launched! As I look at it now and as I see the plans for it in my computer bag, it feels pretty naked. Rest assured the glitches will be fixed ASAP and the message board in its entirety will be transfered over like nuthin happened. Also, by the end of this week there are more design concepts I'd like to throw into it. Basically its still going to get a whole lot better but in the meantime, I hope you dig it…everyone worked super hard on it and I'm excited to see it grow with all of you until the album comes out! Enjoy!


And on the new home page, Josh posted this message -

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new website! First let me tell you all that this is and will continue to be a work in progress until the new album is released next year. It will be a constantly shifting and breathing home base for all of us to connect and it will only get better with all of your contributions. It feels pretty bare right now as I know there's so much more footage/music/pictures being integrated in the coming months that you will all hopefully enjoy very much. So navigate around, find your friends, and enjoy! And thank you as always for making this community a group of the greatest fans around.

Lots of love,

And Josh just posted this on Twitter.

So make sure you check out the new website at www.joshgroban.com. And yes, I like the new look. LOL


03 November, 2009

They call this...

- a Grobanana !!!

It certainly looks like Josh had a fun Halloween. And it's great to see he kept his Twitter promise & posted a pic of his banana costume! (Source)

This is the tweet Josh had previously teased us with...

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