25 December, 2009

Happy Holidays...

There might be a hint of an unmixed new song in there somewhere...

There might be a hint of an unmixed new song in there somewhere but then again there might not be. Either way, everyone is on vacation so they can’t take this down. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


(All I can say is - "JOSH GROBAN, YOU REBEL!!")

22 December, 2009

Save the date...

Josh will be singing the Star Spangled Banner as part of the pre-game festivities at the Citi BCS National Championship Game on Thursday 7 January, 2010.

The game, which is being held at the historic Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA. will feature the University of Alabama Crimson Tide against the University of Texas Longhorns. The game will be televised in the US on ABC, and for the rest of the world - check your local guides.

You can find more information about the game at www.tournamentofroses.com.


Here are a couple of clips where Josh has performed this previously.


18 December, 2009

Artists of the 2000s...

Spinner magazine has just listed the top 50 artists of the decade. Josh made the list at No. 38.

From the article -

Our artists of the decade made great music, sure. Not one-and-done, either -- they knew how to repeat. Just as important, they staked their claims in the grand parade of popular culture. From Groban to Gaga, the 50 recording artists we would've had to invent if they didn't exist.

38. Josh Groban
Classically trained and plugged into pop culture, he's the next generation's Pavarotti hottie.

Obviously I thought he should have been higher on the list, but a couple of artists he did beat included John Mayer (#45), 50 Cent (#43), Keith Urban (#41) and Alicia Keys (#39). And according to Spinner the top artist of the decade is Jack White from the "White Stripes". These kind of lists always cause controversy, as to who made it, who didn't and then the position of the said artist.

Regardless of where Josh came on the list, he's my number #1, and nothing will change that.

Source - Spinner.com

17 December, 2009

16 December, 2009

A Night Out...

The paparazzi caught Josh as he left Madeo restaurant on Dec 14th.

The caption on this photo made me laugh - Josh Groban looked sexy in only that special way Josh Groban can as he left Madeo restaurant with some buddies last night.

Photo source - 1 & 2

12 December, 2009

The cow says moooo...

Josh wanted to share his experience as he got involved with Toys for Tots. Looks like he had as much fun as any kid would in a toy shop!

FoJG members were given the first look at this gorgeous video, but thankfully it's now been released for everyone to enjoy!

Source - www.joshgroban.com

Source - YouTube

10 December, 2009

The Simpsons Gala...

Josh performed at the Paley Center Gala honoring the 20th anniversary of 'The Simpsons' at the Beverly Hills Hotel on December 8th.


07 December, 2009

'Tis the season (Pt.2)...



(The Late Late Show, Ireland - with interview)

(The National Lottery Show)

(Rockefeller Tree Lighting)


06 December, 2009

'Tis the season (Pt.1)...


Not my favorite version, but here is the duet with Beyonce from the Oscars.


This Christmas Season...

As a thank-you for visiting my blog over the year and to celebrate the festive season I'll be posting a collection of Josh's Christmas/December inspired tracks over the next few week! I hope you enjoy them.


Obscure reference...

I think I've come across one of the most obscure references to Josh. It comes from Season 3, Episode 20 of Veronica Mars.

(And thankfully Josh looks nothing like 2400 - LOL)

05 December, 2009

Out and about...

Josh joined a host of other celebrities at LA's Sunset Towers to 'celebrate' (that really doesn't sound like the right word) the release of Jennifer Anniston's yoga instructor's DVD. What next, a party to open an envelope? LOL

I wonder what happened to the cons? Or did Josh just feel like it was a Nike night?

Watch here to see TMZ's recommendation of a new man for Jennifer.

04 December, 2009

A man walks his dog...





--- wait for it --




a (female) friend!

Given he's a 28 year old male, I don't know why there's such a fuss on the official sites.

I'm actually more surprised that we see skin from the knees down. (LOL)