25 May, 2010

Josh the photographer...

It looks like being a talented singer/actor/musician/comic genius (& all round good guy) isn't enough for Josh, he is now expanding his creative genius to photography.

Check out his photography blog here.

This appears to be part of his twitter promise from a few weeks ago for his ongoing "Visual Arts Sunday".

Below are just a few examples. All credit to Josh Groban as the original photographer.

"Sweeney and friends"

"Artistic pavement crack"

"Scary spider..."

13 May, 2010

Billboard Contest...

Enter once per day here...

And Billboard.com have posted on Twitter that the contest is open to everyone and not just open to those in the USA. (Thanks Billboard!!!)

The Billboard Q&A...

This really is a great interview and it makes me really excited about the new album. Thanks Billboard!!!!

Let's hope it's just the first of many in a long line to promote the new album in the coming months.

Part 1 - talks about working on his new album with producer Rick Rubin.

Part 2 - talks about being on "Glee," and shares his thoughts on inspirations and how he listens to music.

Part 3 - hearts his doggie, talks travel, who he'd love to collaborate with, and acting.

Part 4 - talks about moving to New york, not watching "American Idol," and his favorite childhood movies.

Part 5 - talks about Oprah, the Josh Groban Foundation, and singing in many languages.

Part 6 - shares his tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse. We kid you not.

Part 7 - talks about being a sexy man and the problem with stereotypes.

Part 8 - talks about warming up to Twitter, and what he hopes to accomplish in the next decade.


06 May, 2010

Live Q&A with Josh...


Josh will be taking part in a live video Q&A session thanks to Billboard.com on Tuesday, May 11 at 12:30 EST!

For those not living in the US, check out the meeting planner function on www.timeanddate.com to work out when it will be happening to you, just compare your location to New York 

Josh will be in the Billboard studio answering Twitter questions as well as talking about his his upcoming appearance on "Glee" and most importantly his upcoming album (which for me is the most exciting part).  If you've got a question you're dying to ask Josh, you'll have to tweet it to @Billboarddotcom and use the hashtag #bblivechat.  The Livestream of the video chat will appear here on Tuesday.

Bid on Josh's shoes...

Josh, along with a number of other celebrities  has donated a pair of autographed white patent leather Converse shoes as part of a celebrity shoe auction to benefit Hillsides Foster Soles in Los Angeles which supports children taken into foster care in the area.


01 May, 2010

Book launch...

On Thursday 29th April, Josh attended a book launch for Sarah Silverman's new book "The Bedwetter" in West Hollywood.  Here's a couple of pics.