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  1. Bought new album in Sydney Australia today Thur 31st Jan. Have listened to a few tracks and am not really excited so far.
    Warner records Australia have ignored album release and I haven't seen any promos so far.
    Keep up the Josh info ...I really enjoy all the news

    1. Sorry to hear you're not excited by the new music. I've been listening via the live stream on the New Idea website (which is something never done before) and personally I'm loving the new music. But then again, I loved Illuminations when I know it wasn't that well received by many.

      And in relation to Warner Music Australia, they've been doing promo on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully they might do some TV spots/newspaper ads from tomorrow. They even left a teaser on Facebook for Aussie fans today to look out for a very important announcement this weekend, so I think we'll be getting tour dates, which are long overdue.

      I nearly went to JB tonight to see if they had it out early, but I'd ordered the signed deluxe edition from JB... (this again, is something not done before, & although the CD's have been dispatched, there's a notice on their website saying there's a delay with the signed slicks arriving from the US, so they'll be sent separately.)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Josh Groban concert in Michigan last week. Here's a blog post about the experience. If you were there I hope you'll comment.

    Susan in Michigan

    1. Great post. Thanks for sharing Susan.

  3. Deej : Thank You for sharing this Website and spreading the NEWS about Josh and his current Tour with the masses ! I find your Website to be both informative as well as delightful ! ! :) I have been along time fan of Josh since 2002 , but to unfortunate circumstances and life , I was unable to attend any "LIVE' Josh Performances or Events until "STY" in 2011 . When I was Lucky enough to get to see Josh in Concert twice in ten days ! ! :) I was completely blown away by his stage Presence , Witt , Humor and The "Power" of The "Voice" that is Josh Groban ! ! ! :) Trust and Believe seeing Josh Groban in Concert , " Once Will NEVER Be ENOUGH" ! ! ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    5 more days until I see Josh Perform "LIVE" in Newark , New Jersey and I can NOT hardly contain my EXCITEMENT as it has been far too long of a time to go without a Josh Concert .

    For the Promotional Events of "ATE" in NYC were a dream come TRUE and to hear Josh Perform at ALL , but one of them was totally Unbeliveible ! ! ! :)

    The BEST Part of this Promotionsl Week was having front row center seats , directly in front of Josh and his microphone stand in the Allen Room in NYC's famous Lincoln Center on 2/04/13 ! !

    Congratulations on having Josh ANSWER Your Question ! ! ! ; ((HUGS)) That was a AWESOME thing for You and for ALL of Your Friends on FoJG as We ALL.were / am Thrilled For You ! ! ! :)

    Thanks So Much again for sharing this AWSOME Website with ALL of Us the Fandom of the man that is Josh Groban ! ! ! ((HUGS)) ♥

    Night Owl

    1. I have no idea who on earth Deej is.


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