04 December, 2013

New song...

Christmas is coming early as Josh has announced he will be releasing a new song "Your Hideaway" on December 17th.

The song was written by Josh, Tawgs Salter, and Simon Wilcox, and was recorded during the sessions for "All That Echoes".

The song will be released a digital-only single.

23 November, 2013

Tanglewood 2014...

Josh will be closing out the Boston Symphony Orchestra season at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts on Saturday 30 August 2014. Josh will be performing with the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra, Keith Lockhart, members of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, and John Oliver. Tickets go onsale on January 26th 2013 and are priced from $10 - $121.

21 November, 2013

Access Hollywood...

A couple of quick clips for the Blooomingdale's Holiday Window Unveiling. Josh talks about Christmas and his time on "The Crazy Ones".

20 November, 2013

Bloomingdale's Holiday Window Unveiling...

Josh took part in the 2013 Bloomingdale's Holiday Window Unveiling on 19-Nov-2013. Following his performance featuring the New York City Children's Chorus at the Bloomberg Courtyard, the 2013 holiday window display was unveiled at 59th and Lexington. Josh then did an in-store signing.

New York News

19 November, 2013

In The Round (Behind the Scenes)...

A few clips have shown up on YouTube from someone in the crew from the In The Round Shows. The time-lapse clips give a great perspective on what goes on behind the scenes.

Montreal - Bird's Eye view

Magee's Percussion set-up

Load In

Load out

14 November, 2013

Bless This Table...

From joshgroban.com
Josh has shared his mom Lindy's family Christmas breakfast recipe in the new book Bless This Table that celebrates the importance of families gathering around the home dining table. ‘Bless This Table’, by authors Teri Diamond and Jaymes Foster, contains a collection of treasured family recipes from celebrities, that have special meaning to them. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to assist those who struggle with hunger in the USA.

For more information, please click here.

10 November, 2013

The Crazy Ones (Part 3)...

The official "The Crazy Ones" YouTube channel has uploaded a number of clips from Josh's episode, "Sydney, Australia". So if you haven't already seen them, enjoy! Josh played Danny Chase, an ex-jingle writer who is now releasing CDs with one song capturing a moment he shared with Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) a few years earlier becoming a viral internet sensation.

You Make My Heart Sing (song by Danny Chase)

It's Insane (scene with Danny Chase)

I Barely Knew You (scene with Danny Chase)

Shake Your Groove Thing

Biggest Moment


06 November, 2013

The Crazy Ones (Sneak Peek)...

An Evening @ the Grammy Museum...

Back in July, Josh took part in a special event in LA at the Clive Davis Theater, Grammy Museum.

Josh was interviewed by the President of The GRAMMY Foundation and MusiCares Scott Goldman and was also joined on-stage by Rob Cavallo, Chairman of Warner Bros. Records. After the interview, Josh took audience questions and performed a selection of songs.

Below are a few videos from the evening that have been released on the Grammy Foundations' YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Josh & Rob Cavallo - Recording All That Echoes

Josh & Rob Cavallo - Songwriting

Josh & Rob Cavallo - On "Hallow Talk"

Performance - "Changing Colors"

Performance - "Happy in My Heartache"

02 November, 2013

Ylvis does Josh Groban...

Back at the Oslo concert in May, Joshs’ twin? (Vegard Ylvisåker) made a surprise appearance towards the end of the show.

Along with his brother Bård, they are a Norwegian comedy duo/band “Ylvis” who are now known around the world for their viral hit “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say).

Previously Vergard has impersonated Josh, including a visit to a radio station and getting to the venue where Josh was performing. See this post from October 2011.

A new clip has been released on their TV show of what happened at the Oslo concert.

The transcript translation is below. You can also see this by clicking on the “Captions” icon on the clip.
Bård (B): Absolutely! But moving on, now we’re going to talk about this season’s little pastiche. That you look like Josh Groban. (** A pastiche is a work of visual art, literature, or music that imitates the style or character of the work of one or more other artists. Unlike parody, pastiche celebrates, rather than mocks, the work it imitates.)

Vegard (V) – Yes.

B: A topic we often need to address.

V: Yes.

B: Some background information, in our first season you got pretty far. You impersonated Josh Groban in a radio interview and you checked into a hotel as him, and more. But you didn’t achieve your main goal: Standing on the stage as Josh Groban.

V: No. I only got as far as right outside the backstage area and I realized it’s quite difficult getting through the security there, as Josh Groban. Unless you have teamed up with Josh Groban.

B: Yes, and this time around you had.

V: Yes!

B: What was the plan?

V: The plan was, that Josh and me… Or Joshy-boy, as I call him. We wanted to see if the audience in Speeectrum Other guest (OG): Speeectrum?

B: Speeectrum

V: If they would notice a difference when I entered the stage as Josh for the extra number.

B: How did it go?

V: It went OK, I mean… The only problem was right before going on state, I realised I didn’t know any of his songs. I only know that one song.

B: You raise me up. And that’s so typical of you to realise that the minute you’re about to walk on stage.

V: I’m just thinking “This is a cool idea” and then… But it worked out fine.

B: Ok, great. Let’s watch Vergard as a stand-in on Josh Groban’s encore.


Josh (J): I usually come off right now for a little break.

V: Ok. Is it OK?

J: Yes, going well, going well. Good luck out there.

V: Just a coffee break. We have this vibe. He doesn’t always need to say what’s on his mind. I just get it. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and then it turns out he’s had a cold. No. It is a strong bond. It is.


V: Alright, alright!

J: Alright.

V: Oh yeah, here we go. Thank you. You time me.

J: Ok, go get ‘em pal.


V: (Singing/English translation..) Tore Tang, an old man. (Thank you.)

V: (Singing/English translation..) The whole town knows of him. He who lives on old bread and water. Tore Tang. (Thank you so much.)


J: Can I have a hug?


OG: Beautiful!

B: Yes, it’s great!

OG: Really, beautiful. But when you’re standing next to each other, you’re not really that much alike. You’ve got the “extravagant”hair, apart from that…

B: I think it’s mostly due to the outfits. I look more like Skavlan than you look like Groban.

V: You don’t look like Skavlan.

B: I don’t look like Skavlan?

V: You don’t look like Skavlan.

B: So this is not a photo from VG last week, then?

V: Identical. As two drops of… gasoline. Not water.

In the Round - Montreal...

27 October, 2013

Through the Eyes of Love...

I somehow managed to miss posting, but here is Josh's version of the iconic movie theme, "Through the Eyes of Love" from Ice Castles.

Josh performed this at the Marvin Hamlisch tribute concert on New Years Eve.

26 October, 2013

Making of All That Echoes...

Enjoy this behind the scenes look at the making of Josh's latest CD "All That Echoes".

Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays...

Josh has been confirmed as a special guest for the star-studded benefit concert, "Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays" to be held at the Beacon Theatre in New York on 7th December. The concert will raise awareness about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth homelessness and support the True Colors Fund's Forty to None Project.

Other celebrities participating include P!nk, Susan Saradon, Nelly Furtado, Indigo Girls, The Hives, Ingrid Michaelson, Matt & Kim, Hunter Valentine, The Cliks and Rosie O'Donnell.

Further information can be found here.

04 October, 2013

In The Round - Boise...

Hope everyone that went enjoyed the show. And from the clip below, it looks like everyone did.

02 October, 2013

Getting set for "In The Round"...

Not long now until the start of the "In The Round" tour. To anyone lucky enough to be able to attend, hope you have fun. And for those of us that have to live vicariously through others, enjoy the pictures and videos that will be posted.

05 September, 2013

Ask Josh...

Are you going to an "In The Round" show?

Do you want to ask Josh a question?

If yes, then submit your questions here.

You never know, your question might be asked, you just might get asked to sing with Josh, or he could help you break up with your boyfriend...

10 August, 2013

Kid President...

This all happened back in January, and for some reason I never posted it. So just in case you didn't get to see it, here are the "Kid President" videos.

The initial request!

The interview

Bonus questions!

21 July, 2013

Turning back time...

When Josh first started this crazy journey, the internet was also pretty much in its infancy. Here's a fun look back at how joshgroban.com has changed over the years.

October 2001 -

November 2001 - aka "The Red Chair" days.

November 2003

July 2011

January 2013

Source - web.archive.org (Sadly, it wasn't possible to do a good snapshot of the Awake themed website.)

18 July, 2013

An Evening with Josh Groban @ the Grammy Museum...

Looks like another special event featuring Josh is happening in LA at the Grammy Museum on Monday 29th July at 8pm.

The format of the event at the Clive Davis Theater will be an intimate interview, moderated by President of The GRAMMY Foundation and MusiCares Scott Goldman. Rob Cavallo, Chairman of Warner Bros. Records will also join Josh on stage.

After the interview, Josh will take audience questions and will perform a selection of songs.

Tickets are currently on pre-sale for American Express cardholders, with 24th July, general public on-sale date is Wednesday 24th July.

For more details click here.

13 July, 2013

07 July, 2013

Nerdist Podcoast...

It's taken me a couple of days to post this, but here's the link for the Nerdist Podcast - http://www.nerdist.com/2013/07/nerdist-podcast-josh-groban/.

It's quite long - almost 1½ hours. But be warned, DO NOT LISTEN if you are easily offended as there is (gasp!) profanity!

Personally, I really enjoyed it, but I know there will be many fans that won't, so don't say you haven't been warned.

23 June, 2013

An Evening in NYC (2009)...

Back in 2008, Josh performed a special show at Rose Hall in New York. The evening was recorded and released through PBS in 2009.

The DVD was able to be purchased through the PBS store, but sadly it doesn't appear that you can still purchase it here, but you might be able to locate a copy through eBay.

Anyway, Josh's YouTube Channel has recently posted 3 clips from the concert so I thought I'd post them here for your enjoyment. Make sure you watch in HD.

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)

February Song

Machine (Featuring Herbie Hancock)

22 June, 2013

Josh Groban is an ****....

This clip might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it when Josh breaks type.

14 June, 2013

Guest spot - "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"...

It just been announced that Josh will have a guest spot on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Details about the episode are being kept under wraps, however Josh will be playing himself. Given the show features two fictional Groban groupies, Dee and Artemis, it's likely they'll feature heavily in the episode.

More information can be found here.

06 June, 2013

Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park...

It's just been announced that Josh will be part of the line up for Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park, London on September 8th, 2013. Other artists performing include Simple Minds, Jack Johnson, James Blunt, Jamie Cullum, Manic Street Preachers and Texas. Further acts are being announced so keep an eye on the website.

Click here for more information about how to obtain tickets.


27 May, 2013

Blast from the Past - AOL Sessions 2004...

Back in 2004 Josh performed 7 songs for Sessions@AOL.
Per Te
Mi Mancherai
Remember When It Rained
Mi Morena
To Where You Are
Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
Even though it's not the best video quality (only 240p), I hope you enjoy.

21 May, 2013

Moscow concert...

A fun clip from the Moscow concert.

Thanks to @RUS_Grobanites we have a translation.
Josh: Thank you for being here tonight.
Ruslan: *translates it properly*

Josh: It has been my dream to come to this country for my whole life.
Ruslan: *translates it properly*

Josh: Not only for amazing people...
Ruslan: Not only for beautiful women...

Josh: The great arts & the culture that you have here.
Ruslan: Specially, the women's gymnastics national team

Josh: And of course the great food, delicious food you have here.
Ruslan: Mmmm...women you have here...oh *wagging head*

Josh: Even my band who's been travelling a very very long way to be here feel the same.
Ruslan: Even our musical band agree about women..

Josh: So, it is with great pleasure that I sing for you tonight.
Ruslan: After the concert here will be a big afterparty.

Josh: I hope you'll enjoy.
Ruslan: Room # 2309.

Josh: Thank you.
Ruslan: Alcohol free. *winking*
Set List -
  1. Brave 
  2. Don't give up 
  3. February Song 
  4. Alejate 
  5. Happy In My Heartache 
  6. Allа Luce Del Sole 
  7. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress 
  8. Sincera 
  9. Hollow Talk 
  10. Live & Let Die (instrumental) 
  11. Drum Solo 
  12. Voce Existe Em Mim 
  13. Un Alma Mas 
  14. Vincent 
  15. To Where You Are 
  16. Machine 
  17. I Believe 
  18. You Raise Me Up

Interview from Russia...

Watch here.

10 May, 2013

Huffington Post Interview...

Twitter Chat...

Josh just conducted a Twitter Chat where fans could #AskJosh questions. Big thank you shout out to jgsurfdivajg on FoJG for compiling the questions and answers in an easy to read format.


‏@LorettaO #AskJosh what will be the 1st question you answer today?

@LorettaO This one!! Congrats, Batman!


@joshgroban how is your album #AllThatEchos similar and/or different from your previous albums? #AskJosh

@JohnG500 I wanted the traditional lushness of older records but with a more rhythmic and energetic feel. all about balance #askjosh


@joshgroban #AskJosh What’s the most absurd fear you have?

@JesicaXD Probably the fear of cyborg government operated pigeons. And failure. #askjosh


#AskJosh who picks the songs for the tour, you or musical director? What does your musical director do? #askjosh

@PiscesLikeJosh It's a collaboration. We try many different set lists in rehearsal but it also comes down to what the fans want! #askjosh


#askJosh When will we see a Josh Groban action figure...with a unicorn like mane?

@suckstoyoassmar From what I hear the Shia Labeouf action figure looks a bit like me. According to him at least. No mane yet!! yet. #askjosh


@joshgroban Favorite type of cheese?! #askjosh

@iamchelseadunn Old Amsterdam! Or swiss. Hot damn I'm hungry. #askjosh


@joshgroban #AskJosh do you consider your favorite grey jeans to be "lucky pants" ??

@tazkitty I actually have TONS of them. I'm like Ernest. Closet full of grey jeans. I like them because they go well with boots. #askjosh


@joshgroban are you planning another collaboration with your brother? #AskJosh

@JoshGrobanFanAr YES! Another video is going to be made..just don't know which song. Which would you like to see? He's so talented! #askjosh


@joshgroban What is your current ringtone? #askjosh

@szaszy0201 banana phone, of course! #askjosh


@joshgroban #AskJosh which is cuter - the koala or the kangaroo?

@jotan80 Koala takes the win. Maybe cutest animal ever. #askjosh


@joshgroban apart from traffic, what really annoys you? #askjosh

@jules_parky When someone says "now thats funny" but doesn't actually laugh. #askjosh


#AskJosh I'm a classical singer that attends Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, maybe we can sing together one day? @joshgroban

@RebecaCascio Congrats! Love Seattle. What voice type are you? maybe we can


#askJosh @joshgroban Can You type without looking at the keys?

@PhiladelphiAnne YesST I Cenn! #assJorsh


@joshgroban what is your favorite condiment? #AskJosh

@bethgsings HOT SAUCE!! #askjosh



@WhootOwlAlto soon I hope. #askjosh


@joshgroban What kind of books do you love to read? #AskJosh

@EstherS34 Usually i like dense non-fiction stuff but lately i've started getting into adventure novels. reading The Night Circus#askjosh


@joshgroban #askjosh For the North American arena tour, to you have any opening acts planned?

@KatieEloraMary YES!! Will announce in the coming months! Gonna be great. #askjosh


#AskJosh what's your favorite ride at Disneyland and why???

@Jennylovesfame Splash Mountain because of the ridiculous picture you get at the end of it. Or haunted mansion. #askjosh


#AskJosh What makes you nervous before performances and what soothes you?Where do you get this energy?Admirable!!!

@ingezaunreiter Thanks!! the uncertainty makes me nervous. But ultimately i can't wait to get out there. have to find the zone! #askjosh


@joshalipe favorite midnight snack? #AskJosh

@kneekey_1D @joshalipe Buffalo wheat thins. they are a horrible horrible weakness. still so hungry. #askjosh


@joshgroban What is Sweeney's favourite way to misbehave? #AskJosh

@charbrentwood He's an expert escape artist. He also loves to pull things out of the trash when he's upset or bored. PUNK! #askjosh


@joshgroban what do you like to do in your spare time? #AskJosh

@ABSolute_value6 Tennis, video games, books, hypnosis, micro brewing, alpaca breeding, whittling, and riding my bike.


#AskJosh Any advice to someone who is going into the performing arts as a career?

@AmySoraghan Find what makes you unique, work hard and be humble about the work. Don't be afraid to take risks and be nice! #askjosh


#AskJosh chocolate or sport ?

@futrinkaspace CHOCOLATE SPORTS #askjosh


@joshgroban How do you find the necessary energy to perform night after night on tour? #AskJosh

@annapip99 Honestly I always think i'm spent after each show but with a full nights sleep I'm recharged and ready again. weird! #askjosh


Do you like gummi bears? #AskJosh

@Ratatouille78 I pretty much like gummi anything #askjosh


#AskJosh Hey , Josh,thank you for your existence. Your fans in Brazil love you, and we still have hope to have you here.

@Dannygroban thank you!! I am hoping to plan a concert in brazil soon! has been a dream for me. thank you for your patience! #askjosh


@joshgroban Any Broadway runs in your future? I hope so!!! #AskJosh

@SolSister819 definitely! Always eyeing a possible broadway debut...has to be the right time and the right show but it WILL happen. #askjosh


#AskJosh @joshgroban do you watch Hannibal?

@MaeOhNice yeah!! its beautifully shot! crazy violent though right?? #askjosh


#AskJosh What is your current favorite TV show? @Joshgroban

@JaclynS8190 game of thrones!!! #askjosh


#AskJosh Will there be choirs performing on Live tour?
@Survivor_bear yes!! vocalists will be a big part of the new tour #askjosh


#AskJosh Do you think you will ever dance on stage?

@Nygirl79 stranger things HAVE happened, but not many. we'll see. #askjosh


#AskJosh have you ever shaved your head?

@ScrabblePasta yeah i had a buzz cut once when i was a kid. never doing that again, my head looked like a strange fuzzy peanut. #askjosh


This girls' tweets are now protected, but her question was something along the lines if you had one last day on earth what would you do?

@NovaSaysana teach #askjosh


josh groban ‏@joshgroban Ok i have time for just a few more questions!! they've been awesome! #askjosh


@joshgroban what are your thoughts re: carnations? Tacky or vintage? #askjosh

@lydiahejka I have a soft spot for carnations. Mohammed Ali gave me one when i met him as a kid. Still kept it!

@joshgroban can i be your water girl on tour? #askjosh

@LovelyLolaBlue sure! i LOVE water. There's a uniform though! #askjosh


#AskJosh I miss "Groban's Garden" ... will there be a continuance someday?? ;-) @joshgroban

@GreenIrishSocks i really want to do more Groban's Gardens...we need to get more of those great kid recipes! mmm they were tasty. #askjosh


@joshgroban does YOUR nose itch when your hands are full? #AskJosh

@cowen1981 ALL THE FREAKING TIME. is that you doing that? are you a witch?? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?! #askjosh


#AskJosh what is your favorite marine animal? @joshgroban

@_ashlieghnicole sea horses!! the males can get pregnant!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT SHIZZ? #askjosh


@joshgroban What socks are you wearing today #AskJosh

@mandi3059 blue with lightning bolts! #askjosh


josh groban ‏@joshgroban PHEW! Ok thats all i have time for today, that was fun. thanks for all the questions and for making #askjosh trend in the US! til next time!

08 May, 2013

07 May, 2013

New American Cancer Society PSA...

Featuring Josh alongside Jeri Ryan, Jamie Lynn Sigler & Mary J Blige.

"In The Round" Tour...

Josh has announced the North American "In The Round" tour that will kick off in October. An exclusive fan pre-sale commences on May 7th with general ticket sales commencing on May 10th at LiveNation.com and Ticketmaster.com. Check joshgroban.com for more information.

10/02 - Boise, ID - Taco Bell Arena
10/04 - Seattle, WA - KeyArena
10/06 - Sacramento, CA - Sleep Train Arena
10/07 - San Jose, CA - HP Pavilion at San Jose
10/09 - Phoenix, AZ - US Airways Center
10/11 - Salt Lake City, UT - EnergySolutions Arena
10/13 - Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Garden Arena
10/16 - Kansas City, MO - Sprint Center
10/19 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center
10/20 - Chicago, IL - United Center
10/22 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena
10/23 - Detroit, MI - The Palace of Auburn Hills
10/25 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Centre
10/27 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
10/28 - Boston, MA - TD Garden
10/30 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center
11/02 - Pittsburgh, PA - CONSOL Energy Center
11/03 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center
11/06 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - BB&T Center
11/08 - Tampa, FL - Tampa Bay Times Forum
11/09 - Orlando, FL - Amway Center
11/12 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
11/13 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center

Picture source

05 May, 2013

Australian/NZ tour YouTube playlist...

Couldn't make it Down Under for the tour, well don't worry. Thanks to kayp29, here is a YouTube playlist of the Aussie Concert set list from clips found on YouTube.  Quite a few are in HD, so make sure you change the quality of the clip to watch these.  Some videos aren't that great, but in most cases the sound is pretty good.  Enjoy!

  • Brave 
  • You Are Loved 
  • February Song 
  • Alejate 
  • Happy In My Heartache 
  • Alla Luce Del Sole 
  • The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress 
  • Sincera 
  • Hollow Talk -Live & Let Die (instrumental featuring Tariqh Akoni, Christian Hebel & Andre Manga) 
  • Voce Overture (Josh Drum Solo) 
  • Voce Existe Em Mim
  • Falling Slowly 
  • Vincent (featuring Tariqh Akoni & Christian Hebel) 
  • To Where You Are 
  • Machine 
  • I Believe When I Fall in Love.
  • Awake (dedicated to Boston) 
  • You Raise Me Up 
ENCORE 2 (Syd Night 1; and Brisbane Nights 1 & 2)
  • Smile

28 April, 2013

Brisbane - Night 2 Clips...

Live from the Concert Hall, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Brisbane - Saturday 27th April 2013. Enjoy!



Sydney - Night 2 Clips...

Live from the Sydney Opera House - Wednesday 24th April 2013. Enjoy!





Sydney - Night 1 Clips...

Live from the Sydney Opera House - Tuesday 23rd April 2013. Enjoy!


KARAOKE TIME (November Rain)


SMILE (An extra encore)

Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane Set List...

  1. Brave
  2. You Are Loved
  3. February Song
  4. Alejate
  5. Happy In My Heartache
  6. Alla Luce Del Sole
  7. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
  8. Sincera
  9. Hollow Talk
  10. -Live & Let Die (instrumental)
  11. -Josh Drumming
  12. Voce Existe Em Mim
  13. Falling Slowly
  14. Vincent
  15. To Where You Are
  16. Machine
  17. I Believe When I Fall in Love…
  18. Awake (dedicated to Boston)
  19. You Raise Me Up
  20. Smile (** 2nd encore only performed Sydney Night 1, Brisbane Night 1 & Brisbane 2)

17 April, 2013

Perth Set List...

  1. Brave
  2. You Are Loved
  3. February Song
  4. Alejate
  5. Happy In My Heartache
  6. Alla Luce Del Sole
  7. The Moon Is A Harch Mistress
  8. Sincera
  9. Hollow Talk
  10. Live & Let Die (instrumental)
  11. Drum solo
  12. Voce Existe Em Mim
  13. Falling Solowly
  14. Vincent
  15. To Where You Are
  16. Machine
  17. I Believe When I Fall In Love...
  18. Your Raise Me Up  (dedicated to Boston)

Giveaway Winner...

Thanks to everyone for your entries to win a deluxe SIGNED copy of "All That Echoes".

After a little bit of data cleansing to remove duplicate entries, there were 99 valid entries. Everyone was then allocated a number in order of entry and Random.org was used to select the winning number.

So congratulations @Yankypluscajun.

Thanks again to everyone that entered and that follows me either on Twitter, Tumblr or via the blog.

16 April, 2013

14 April, 2013

Auckland Set List...

  1. Brave
  2. False Alarms
  3. February Song
  4. Alejate (Go Away)
  5. Happy In My Heartache
  6. All Luce Del Sole
  7. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
  8. Sincera
  9. Live & Let Die
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Voce Existe Em Mim
  12. Falling Slowly
  13. Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
  14. Below The Line
  15. To Where You Are
  16. You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)
  17. Machine
  18. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)
  19. Awake
  20. You Raise Me Up
If you'd like to see some photos from the show, just click here, and here for a review of the show.

Josh's new gig - Radio host...

From Smooth FM Australia...
Josh Groban joins smoothfm, Sunday mornings at 9am

Josh Groban is the latest artist in an extensive list of high-profile performers to join smoothfm.

He will host his own show from Sunday 14 April at 9am, complementing our fantastic weekend line-up and providing you with the perfect soundtrack for your relaxing Sunday.
A global star for over a decade, Josh Groban has recently released his sixth album All That Echoes, which expands his reach into rewarding new musical territory.

Join Josh every Sunday from 9am, as he plays all your smooth favourites and some of his too.

And following Josh's 9am Sunday show, Richard Wilkins will return for his second show of the weekend from 10am to 1pm, expanding his role in the smoothfm family to become our weekend mornings announcer every Saturday and Sunday from 10am.
I'm guessing the segments have been pre-recorded and it will be interesting to see what songs he chooses.

Vancouver Sun Online...

13 April, 2013

ET Canada...

** edited to correct title.

Ask Josh a Question - Australian Tour Edition...

Are you lucky enough to be seeing Josh while he is touring Australia? If so, then you have the opportunity to "Ask Josh A Question". Submit your question here.  (This was also open for the Auckland show but unfortunately I missed posting it. Sorry)

 What would you like to ask Josh if you could?

OMG! Insider...

Live from Lincoln Center...

Looks like these clips will be available until April 19th. So enjoy while you can! And sadly there does appear to be some serious sync issues with the sound.

Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.


Watch Josh Groban: All That Echoes on PBS. See more from pbs.

10 April, 2013

2GB Interview with Alan Jones...

Listen to the interview here.

Josh on Mornings (Australia) Interview & Performance...

Watch the interview and performance here. (Sorry, but there's no link to embed the clip in this post.)

Josh on Sunrise (Australia)...

You can also watch the clip here which I'm hoping it's not region blocked.

06 April, 2013

Giveaway Time...

For your chance to win a SIGNED copy of the 16 track deluxe edition of "All That Echoes" click here.

Please only one entry per person.

Entries close - Monday 15th April at 5pm (US Eastern Time - New York).

05 April, 2013

Not long until the tour starts...

Ruslan (Josh's pianist) posted this video of the cupcakes.

04 April, 2013

Rapid Fire Questions...

Live from Lincoln Center.

New US Date announced - Interlochen, MI...

Josh will perform at the Kresge Auditorium with the Traverse City Orchestrah at Interlochen, MI on August 12th.

A pre-sale for FoJG members will be held later in the month (so keep an eye out on the FoJG website), while general on-sales are scheduled for April 19th.

TV Appearance - Chelsea Lately...

Josh will appear on an all new episode of Chelsea Lately, airing on April 10th at 11/10C on E! in the US.

TV Appearances - Australia...

For fans in Australia - Josh will make a guest appearance on Sunrise (Channel 7) and Mornings (Channel 9) on April 10th.

03 April, 2013

Opening Act - Moscow, Russia...

Dina Garipova has been announced as the opening act for Josh's concert in Moscow, Russia on 19th May. Dina is Russia's representative for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest and the official video for her song is below.

12 March, 2013

New US date announced - Red Rocks, CO...

Josh will perform at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado on July 7th. Josh will perform alongside the Colorado Symphony. General tickets go on sale on March 22nd. The FoJG Pre-sale commences March 12. Check the website for more information.

"Falling Slowly": Behind the Scenes...

09 March, 2013

New US Date announced - Highland Park, IL

Josh will perform at Highland Park, Illinois on August 10th. The show will feature hits, classics, and of course, new music from All That Echoes, set behind the Ravinia Festival Orchestra. General tickets go on sale on April 25th. FoJG members should keep on eye on the official website for details of the fan club pre-sale.

06 March, 2013

MSN UK interview...

Interview -

Speed Dating with Josh -

05 March, 2013

I Heart Radio...

Three clips from the I Heart Radio broadcast.


Falling Slowly

You Raise Me Up

Finish This Fight...

Watch as Josh joins forces with the American Cancer Society to promote the fight against cancer.

04 March, 2013

28 February, 2013

The Morning Show Canada...

Additional US Date announced...

An additional date as part of the outdoor Summer tour has been announced.

Josh will team up with the Atlana Symphony Orchestra for a special show at the Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia on August 18th. Tickets go on sale from March 16th. For more information, including details of the FoJG pre-sale (which begins on March 4th). Check the website for further information.

Additional shows for Australia...

Live Nation Australia & New Zealand has just announced that Josh will be performing additional shows during his Australian tour. Details of the additional shows are:

  • Melbourne - Palais Theatre - Sunday April 21
  • Brisbane - Concert Hall, Brisbane - Saturday April 27

(Image Source - Live Nation Australia & New Zealand Facebook Page)

26 February, 2013

Tour maps...

With the excitement building ahead of the upcoming tour, I've mapped the tour locations which might help some of you with planning trips based around Josh's tour. The maps will be updated when new dates are announced. They can also be found on the Tour Tab. [** Apparently the maps aren't viewable on iPad's & iPhone's as they are flash based. Sorry!]

NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA - 13 to 26 April, 2013

EUROPE, UK & IRELAND - 19 May to 23 June, 2013

USA & CANADA - 02 June to 16 August, 2013