30 April, 2009

Josh visits Chicago...


Another (longer) interview can be found here. (Sorry I was having trouble embedding this)
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29 April, 2009

Keep an eye out for this...

Yes, the Rose Hall concert recorded last year in New York City is being released on DVD. According to joshgroban.com it will released on June 2nd, and will air on PBS on June 9th. Don't you just love the cover...

I'm very, very excited about this. I believe that Josh did the version of You Are Loved that has the 'alternate' ending (like the performance @ the Bridge School Benefit - see below)


25 April, 2009

Chess in Concert - Double CD Tracklist...

Tracklist for the double CD thanks to Icethesite...

Chess in Concert: Act 1
1. Prologue
2. The Story Of Chess
3. Merano/What a Scene! What a Joy!
4. Commie Newspapers/Press Conference
5. Molokov and Anatoly/Where I Want To Be
6. Difficult and Dangerous Times
7. The Arbiter
8. Hymn To Chess
9. The Merchandisers
10. Chess Game #1
11. The Arbiter (reprise)
12. Quartet (A Model of Decorum and Tranquility)
13. Florence and Molokov
14. 1956 - Budapest Is Rising
15. Nobody's Side
16. Mountain Duet
17. Chess Game #2
18. Florence Quits/Pity The Child #1
19. Embassy Lament
20. Heaven Help My Heart
21. Anatoly and the Press
22. Anthem

Chess in Concert: Act 2

1. Golden Bangkok
2. One Night In Bangkok
3. One More Opponent
4. You and I
5. The Soviet Machine
6. The Interview
7. Someone Else’s Story
8. The Deal (No Deal)
9. Pity The Child #2
10. I Know Him So Well
11. Talking Chess
12. Endgame
13. You And I (Reprise)
14. Walter and Florence
15. Anthem (Reprise)

20 April, 2009

Josh Groban and Eric Mouquet...

Very exciting to hear they're working on songs for the new album.

And this was the message that Eric's blog -
Dear Friends, I just spend a week with Josh Groban working on new songs, we did 3 songs and we absolutly love it, Josh will be back in few days to complete the work, I can't wait to work again with this great artist, he is so talented ! Source

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18 April, 2009

CHESS in Concert DVD trailer - it's here!!!

ICETHESITE have posted the trailer for Chess In Concert. It looks awesome. Check it out here.

Or, you can check it out here (while it's still there...)

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17 April, 2009

13 April, 2009

Video blog - Easter and DC debrief...

Gotta love this (taken from Josh's vimeo channel)-

"Yes i look like a zombie. Yes its 10 minutes long. But its jam packed with so much sweet info. So, get a nice cold glass of apple juice, sit on the corner of your computer and pretend its my knee and let me regale you with stories from the last many moons.


12 April, 2009

Easter Blog....

This cracks me up....

Source - http://joshgrobanblog.tumblr.com/


Yes its true, I’m just too excited to sleep. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and eats way too much candy for breakfast. I’m gearing up for a big trip to France to work with my friend (and yours) the incredibly talented Eric Mouquet on monday. Video blog coming after I stuff my face with peeps. Don’t even go there.

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08 April, 2009

Chess in Concert..

Finally some news - PBS in the States has announced that they will be broadcasting "Chess in Concert" as part of their GREAT PERFORMANCES series on 17th June. Source

No word yet on when the DVD will be released, but hopefully we'll be getting some information in the very near future. As soon as I know anything I'll post the details.

Pictures - thanks to Icethesite.com

04 April, 2009

Latest blogs...

A Room with a View... (Source)

Happy April Fools... (Source) I want one!!!

WOW - two blogs in two days. I can't wait to hear about his time in DC.

01 April, 2009

Mr Groban goes to Washington (Again)...

What an honor - Josh participated in the 22nd Annual Arts Advocacy Day in Washington DC. He testified in front of the House of Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing "The Arts = Jobs".

Josh reflected on the importance of his experience at LACHSA which focused on the arts and encouraged its students to explore theatre and dramatic arts; and his time at Interlochen Arts Camp.

"So much more is needed to ensure that my story is a possibility for millions of our fellow Americans, but more importantly, that we continue to fund the arts so that we maintain our cultural soul."
Josh Groban - House of Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing "The Arts = Jobs", Washington DC, 31 March 2009.

You can read Josh's testimony here.

Fingers crossed that Josh blogs about this soon!!!