31 October, 2008

For your viewing pleasure...

From the Red Carpet

Just a short clip from when Josh is introduced... Gotta love a "dead man walking".

Josh joined the Smashing Pumpkins to sing "Disarm"

"You Are Love" (with a new ending - I love it)

"February Song"

"Changing Colors" (originally performed by a band called the Great Lake Swimmers)


"Harvest Moon" (with Neil Young)

"Comes a Time" (as part of the show finale)

A finally here's a "highlights package" posted by the school with some great close up footage...

A big shout out to those wonderful people who attended these events and shared the love by posting these clips on YTube (and then allowing them to be embedded on other sites). Thank you so much...

30 October, 2008

A busy couple of days...

After a busy weekend that included appearances at fund-raisers for OnexOne and the Carousel of Hope it was great to see a more 'casual' Josh taking to the stage at the Bridge School benefit. Anyway, here's a quick run-down of the various events Josh attended over the last weekend.

ONEXONE (San Francisco) - Thursday 23rd October

IMO, the red-carpet look wasn't a winner. The jacket just looked plain wrong (maybe it would've looked better if it had been un-buttoned), but I don't mind the hair cut. There was word that he wasn't feeling 100% so that might explain it...

Hmm, I wonder what he sang with the African Children's Choir???

CAROUSEL OF HOPE (Los Angeles) - Saturday 25th October
I'm liking this look a lot better than the OneXOne look, but then again, you can't really go wrong with a nice black suit. Also it looks like he made good use of some product in his hair this time around(LOL).

BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT (San Francisco) - Sunday 26th October
I really liked the casual approach to the wardrobe today. And to see Josh sing in his glasses was a nice and unexpected treat.

In what was a bit of a surprise, Josh joined the Smashing Pumpkins on stage to do a version of their classic song Disarm. Of course there are some SM fans that weren't that impressed, but I thought it was great...

Josh's set included You Are Loved (with an amazing new ending), February Song, a song by the Great Lake Swimmers called Changing Colors, America and then Harvest Moon with Neil Young.

From all reports, Josh was one of the few artists who took the time to interact with the kids who were on stage. As Chescaleigh said "You win at life..."

(BTW- To keep the size of this post down, I haven't included any of the amazing clips from this event that are up on YTube, but keep watching for my next post.)

23 October, 2008

And here's one (ok, it's now two) more pics...

I'm officially dead... Thanks Groban!

Check out this UK website promoting Josh. And as an extra surprise, click on the pictures for 'extra large' versions of the new photos. Make sure you're sitting down.

Also, check out www.joshgrobanmusic.com

Check this out - this picture was in the October 2008 edition of Italian Men's VOGUE...

Hmmm, wonder if this is a booty text... (remember Blender)???

17 October, 2008

New pics....

Just when I though Groban couldn't get any hotter...

Note - I had originally planned not to post these pictures on this blog as I was under the belief they were exclusive content from FoJG. However, I have since discovered these pictures are available on Josh's public MySpace page. All credit to the photographer - Nabil.

These pictures are posted for the enjoyment of Josh's fans everywhere and are not to be used for any non-private or commercial purpose. Should the owner of these photos object to their inclusion in this blog you are invited to contact me so they can be immediately removed.

15 October, 2008

Heading across the pond (again)...

Looks like the UK/European Grobies are in for a treat as Josh is heading over to the UK to promote the release of the new CD.

This was posted on FoJG -

Josh will be releasing ‘Josh Groban – A Collection’ in the UK on Monday 17th November, a hand picked selection of his favorite songs.

If you live in the UK and would like to be first to know about all his UK activity, as well as being in with the chance to win exclusive prizes join his UK mailing list now.

And just to confuse matters, the post on JG.com says that it's being released on Monday 10th November. Good work WB!

It's Josh's 4th visit to the UK this year, so here are some highlights from his previous visits:

MAY - Classical Brit Awards & and the concert version of Chess.

February Song



JUNE - Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Celebration in Hyde Park



AUGUST - Josh appeared on Last Choir Standing and the Charlotte Church Show (even though he sang my two least fav. songs). If you really need to see these performances again just go to this post (which should explain it all)...

And yes, I'm a little jealous (actually truth be told, probably a lot), so I'm hoping that Groban will spread the love with his fans in other locations such as Australia (of course this would be fabulous for me), South Africa, South America & Asia... I know it's probably wishful thinking but fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!!

08 October, 2008

Sneak peak (OMJ it's brilliant)...

Pick me up off the floor......

Here's a sneak peak at a promo for Josh Groban - A Collection...

And one of the best things about it is the clip includes a preview of Josh singing Anthem from Chess which he performed at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year (I was there for both nights and even seeing these short clips brings back so many amazing memories)... ***Dies***

However, I do find it interesting that they are saying that this is for Josh's fans and friends in Europe and Australia, when we've been advised that the CD won't be released in Australia. Is it yet another prime example of WB dropping the ball again when it comes to the promotion of Josh down under??? That said, if it is released down here, then fingers, toes and everything else is crossed for a quick promo tour :-)

EDIT - Warner Bros. Australia have confirmed that it is being released 'down under'.

This is the rumored track listing for the double CD-

Disc One
01. Oceano
02. February Song
03. You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)
04. You Raise Me Up
05. In Her Eyes
06. Awake
07. Alla Luce Del Sole
08. To Where You Are
09. Anthem [From Chess - Live]
10. Per Te
11. Remember When It Rained
12. Weeping [Live - featuring Vusi Mahlasela & The Soweto Gospel Choir]
13. Alejate
14. Hymne A L'amour
15. Cinema Paradiso
16. Smile

Disc Two
01. Silent Night
02. Little Drummer Boy
03. Ave Maria
04. Panis Angelicus
05. Petit Papa Noel
06. Noche de Paz (Silent Night)

05 October, 2008

Josh Groban - A Collection...

There are no words - except this has to be one of the best album covers ever...

Post edited to add this-
Could someone please pick me up off the floor... (BTW - don't you just love photoshop?)