30 October, 2009

Can you believe it...

So in my previous post I was a little excited about the new website trailer and I thought my day couldn't get any better...

Well, it's just gotten so much better!!! Josh has finally posted a video blog (even though he's wearing his Buddy Holly glasses). (Sorry, but I couldn't resist!!!)

Fandom - go crazy!!! LOL


Coming soon...

And no surprise: this fan-girl is beyond excited!!!!

** And what a way to bring up my 100th post for the year. Woo hoo!

29 October, 2009


46664 (Nelson Mandela's global HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign) is currently featuring Josh on its home page.

The page features a video of Josh's "Changing Colors" performance from the 2009 Mandela Day concert as well as a link to the rehearsal video and his 46664 Ambassador profile.

Although I posted these clips back in August, here they are again:

Changing Colors -

Weeping -

Rehersal video -

And if you really want to hear it again, this link will take you to the footage of "You Raise Me Up" with Aretha (if you dare... LOL).

OneXOne (Pt. 2) ...

Thanks to Supt1 who follows me on Twitter, here's another red carpet interview from the OneXOne charity event.

And in this report from TV Guide you can see Josh in the background during their story on OneXOne, but sadly they didn't interview him.


24 October, 2009

A return to Glee???

Access Hollywood are reporting that Josh mentioned on the OneXOne red carpet that he will be returning to the series and will do one more episode.

How totally awesome... Fingers crossed it comes off (& maybe this time he'll get to sing).



For the second year in a row, Josh was a guest performer at the OneXOne charity fundraiser in San Fransisco on Thursday October 22. Other stars at the even included Charlize Theron and Jeremy Piven. OneXOne is a charitable organization committed to fighting health issues and preserving the lives of children locally and globally.

Josh performed two songs, "Smile" and my personal favorite "Changing Colors". I'll post any video when & if I find it.

Here's a video from the red carpet where we find out what tv show Josh was into as a kid and what would be in his emergency earthquake kit. LOL


23 October, 2009

They weren't a joke...

OMJ!!! Can't say I'm a fan of the Buddy Holly glasses. Josh is at the OneXOne event in San Francisco. I'm planning to post a longer entry about this later on, but I couldn't resist posting this pic now!

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Site update...

I hope it's been worth the wait.

(On a side note - I adore this pic.)

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21 October, 2009

Release date...

How exciting - Josh has posted on Twitter that a release date is in site (** Josh's spelling not mine) & we will have new tunes in December... Very exciting. My fingers are crossed that tour dates will follow shortly after!!!

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19 October, 2009

Remember (Pt. 2)...

Ok, so just over a week ago I posted an entry remembering Josh's contribution at the Stand Up 2 Cancer event in 2008. (The entry can be viewed here.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that Josh's tweet from today made me so happy...

Having a family member currently battling her own personal battle against this horrible disease, it great to see Josh's continued support for this cause. After all there would be very few people in the world that don't know someone who has had this awful disease.

It's one more thing that makes me so proud to be a fan...

Edited to update -
The "Stand Up To Cancer" twitter page posted this:


18 October, 2009

Just testing...

Wanting to check how this works using the iPhone blogger app. So I guess I'd better add an "apple themed" photo.

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11 October, 2009


October is Breast Cancer awareness month!

Last year Josh took part in the Stand Up To Cancer event to help raise funds for Cancer research.


06 October, 2009

Back in La La Land...

Josh has made the cross-country flight from NYC and has arrived home in LA. Bet these are the times he hates being a celebrity...


05 October, 2009

Tears in Heaven...

Given what's been happening in the the Philippines, Samoa & Indonesia recently, I thought it might be timely to post the "Tears in Heaven" video which was made back in 2005. At the time of its release, proceeds from the song benefited victims of Hurricane Katrina, survivors of the devastating December 2004 tsunami in southeast Asia and children affected by emergencies throughout the world.

Josh joined the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, Pink, Velvet Revolver, Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Robert Downey Jr., Phil Collins and Aerosmith's Steve Tyler in the remake of this famous Sir Eric Clapton ballad.

Josh also recently posted two tweets about the situation in the Philippines

Here are a few more pictures from the shoot.

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