23 December, 2010

Weekend on Wogan...

While in the UK recently, Josh appeared on Weekend Wogan which was recorded live in the BBC Radio Theatre with Sir Terry Wogan.

Part 1

Part 2

22 December, 2010

Carols in the Domain...

What an awesome setting for Josh to perform in. He sounded amazing but I still find it extremely odd that he didn't do a Christmas Song especially given he has the most successful Christmas album of all time, plus in his repertoire he also has "O Holy Night" and "Believe" from the movie Polar Express.

Hidden Away
Bells of New York City
You Raise Me Up
It really must have been a magical experience for Josh to look out on the audience and see all those candles.

Sunrise and the Morning Show - Australia...

Higher Window from "Sunrise".
Or click here to watch.

Bells of New York City from "The Morning Show".
Or click here to watch.

And yes, I think we all know that the researchers for The Morning Show need to be a bit more accurate with the information they give the hosts ;-)

We Need To Talk...

Josh returns to host Never Mind the Buzzcocks...

This is awesome.

Josh made a triumphal return to Never Mind the Buzzcocks, the UK tv show he was a guest on a few years ago. But instead of being a guest panelist, this time he was the host and absolutely nailed it.

*Slight language warning. Don't say you haven't been warned.

12 December, 2010

Josh sings with the Harlem Gospel Choir...

It didn't happen in New York, but it happened on Swedish television and the result was spectacular.

10 December, 2010

Josh on Rachael Ray...

Interview - watch the video here.

"Hidden Away" performance - watch the video here.

Groban's Garden "A Challenge from Jennifer" - watch the video here.

Groban's Garden "William's Chocolate Cake" - watch the video here.

09 December, 2010


A great interview posted on the Warner Music Australia YouTube page...

Congratulations Josh!!!

This week Josh has two albums charting in the Top 20 on Billboard's Top 200 chart - Illuminations at No. 9, and Noël at No.18.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks Preview...

I cannot wait to see this show, especially if this preview clip is anything to go by...

07 December, 2010

Attention fans in Australia...

Josh will be appearing on Sunrise and The Morning Show on Friday 17th December.

01 December, 2010

Josh to visit Australia...

Multiple news outlets in Australia are reporting that Josh would be the headline act for the annual "Carol in the Domain" a traditional Christmas celebration in Sydney which is televised nation-wide on the 7 network in Australia.

No word yet if Sydney will get a "Before We Begin" tour, but watch this space.

Source (1)
Source (2)
Source (3)

The Gayle King interview...

To listen to a wonderful interview Josh just did with Gayle King listen here.

And yes, I'm back... and will slowly be getting back into the swing of things. I know a lot has happened over the past few months & I won't even attempt to go back and cover everything that's happened.

BTW - What are your thoughts on "Illuminations"???  I've got to say that I love it - simple as that. 

I know that not everyone loves or even likes it, and wishes it was more like his "Josh Groban" or "Closer".  My thoughts are if you want it to be more like his first CD's, then you should just listen to these.  But each to their own.  My favorite song keeps changing every time I listen to it.  But funnily enough, like Gayle I really love Au Jardin Des Sans-Pourquoi (but maybe that's also because I'm slightly obsessed with Paris!)

08 October, 2010

Update from me...

Life is a little crazy at the moment and I'm not able to update my blog as much as I'd like. Things probably won't get back on track until late November. Sorry but real life happens.

03 October, 2010

Pre-order your album now!!!! (Pt. 2)

Just a reminder that if you're considering purchasing the Fan Edition available from the on-line store it will only be available for a short period of time.  History has shown that these edition will SELL OUT so you should probably order your copy as soon as possible!

30 September, 2010

Illuminations track listing...

The track listing for Illuminations has been unveiled :
Wandering Kind (Prelude)
Bells of New York City
L'Ora Dell'Addio
Hidden Away
Au Jardin Des Sans Pourquoi
Higher Window
If I Walk Away
Love Only Knows
Voce Existe Em Mim
War At Home
London Hymn
Straight To You
Josh Groban breaks new ground of artistic and personal growth with his long-awaited fifth studio album, Illuminations, to be released on November 15th, 2010, from Reprise Records. The album is the rewardingly surprise-filled result of the unexpected but stimulating teaming with veteran producer Rick Rubin, known for his iconic work with Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash and Dixie Chicks among many others.

This unprecedented partnership saw both Groban and Rubin stepping out of their respective zones to come together and create an entirely new zone where art meets intimacy and immediacy meets timelessness. Most importantly, Groban -- who ranks as Billboard Magazine's 14th top-selling artist of the 2000s with more than 20 million units in the U.S. alone -- was free to express himself at his fullest by tapping into a new range of expression and emotional connection with lyrics drawn straight from the heart. Lead song "Hidden Away," went to radio September 13, one of six co-written by Groban and Dan Wilson (former leader of the band Semisonic and co-writer of several cuts on the Dixie Chicks' Not Ready to Make Nice), provides an emotional and artistic center, its plea for a romantic ideal given a musical setting highlighting the raw honesty and natural gifts of Groban as a singer, musician and writer.

"These are my stories," says Groban, who co-wrote eleven of the thirteen songs on the album. "For every one of these songs, someone's going to know it's about them. I'm going to get a text message about every one! This is a very personal record."

Elsewhere Groban makes his first foray into singing Portuguese on the vibrant "Voce Existe Em Mim (You Exist In Me)," returns to the more familiar Italian language with "L'Ora Dell'Addio" (a lush collaboration with the great composer/arranger Walter Afanasieff and lyricist Marco Marinagneli), paints a loving portrait of the Big Apple with "The Bells of New York City," with and offers his own, highly personal take on Nick Cave's poetic and passionate "Straight to You."

"Josh is a one-of-a-kind artist and he works in a genre I have never worked in before," says Rubin. "So there was a great excitement discovering our 'way in' to get to his essence and make a fine art album unlike any he has made before."

For most of the songs, Rubin devised a setting to maximize the honesty and spontaneity of the performances. Recording live with Groban playing piano and singing alongside acoustic guitarists. Matt Sweeney, Smokey Hormel, and iconic organist Spooner Oldham also played on several tracks. From those sessions, multi-hued orchestrations were crafted by David Campbell for nine songs and James Newton-Howard for two, while Brazilian great Carlinhos Brown created the dynamic setting for "Voce Existe Em Mim (You Exist In Me)" in his Bahia home, including the power of an all-girl drum corps -- the only drums on the album.

The partnership of Rubin and Groban developed organically and out of deep mutual respect. After an exploratory meeting, both were eager to take on a full album project. "From Day 1 it wasn't about anything to prove, but two people finding a place to work together -- two scared people," Groban quips. "We wanted to find our line... and walk past it. From Rick's view the grandness was something we wanted to embrace. I was given the very lofty task of having more responsibility on this album than I've ever had. The bar was set high from the beginning. That's why it took so long. But I can say that more of me went into this record than anything I've done."

Illuminations was three years in the making, but the writing and recording came in bursts of creativity as Groban busied himself with other projects, including starring in a 21st-anniversary performance of the cult musical Chess at London's Royal Albert Hall, performing a comic medley of well-known TV theme songs at the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, duetting with Heather Headley at We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, guest starring twice on Fox's hit show Glee, and filming a role in Crazy Stupid Love, a motion picture comedy starring Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, and, due in spring 2011.


29 September, 2010

Pre-order your album now!!!!

After a long 4 year wait, we finally have a release date.

Illuminations will be released in the US on 15 November. International dates to come.

An exclusive fan edition is currently available for pre-order at store on Josh's website.

The package includes:
- 5.5" x 11" Collectible Folio wrapped in ivory linen with inner panels that contain:
**Illuminations CD with 14 new tracks
**DVD featuring the "Making of Illuminations"*
**48 page color photo book including lyrics, photos, & more with a special foreword from Josh
- 2 EXCLUSIVE BONUS Tracks + full album delivered digitally on release date

*Fan edition DVD is region free for international fans

New website...

Look who's website just got a makeover.


28 September, 2010

Update from Tariqh...

Tariqh has just posted this on his Facebook page...
"For all you Josh Groban fans out there, there's is some INCREDIBLY exciting stuff on the horizon. Although I'm sworn to secrecy, let me just say that YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT. AMAZING doesn't begin to describe what's coming your way :-)."


Writing Hidden Away...

My tip, make sure you watch it in "Full Screen".. ;-)

26 September, 2010

A quick clip on Access Hollywood...

Via the New York desk.

The second story on Weekend Radar from the "BING... Our School's Need" launch.

Get tweeting (Part 2)...

I deleted my original post as there was confusion about what this is all about, so I've added some more detailed instructions which I hope make it a little clearer for everyone out there.

If you're on Twitter and update your status to include Josh Groban in your tweet, your Twitter avatar will be included in on Josh's wall of tweets on the opening splash page of his website.

Actually, it's even easier than I originally thought, all you need to do is submit a tweet with the words "Josh Groban" or even just plain old "Groban" in it.  Easy...  Then check out the splash page here.

(Just to be clear - this post isn't asking to leave your tweets in the comments section.  Instead just tweet the words Josh Groban in any tweet and they will show up.)

So get tweeting and spread the Josh.

22 September, 2010

Radio interviews...

Josh has been hitting the airways to promote the new single and the album.

16 Sept - 106.7 Lite FM New York

17 September - Seattle Warm 106.9

20 September - Denver KOSI 101

20 September - Salt Lake City 98.7
Podcast (In 4 parts)

21 September - Dallas 103.7 LiteFM

21 September - LA 104.3 MyFM
Josh Groban In-Studio

21 September - NY 102.7 Fresh FM

1 October - Lite 100.5 WRCH (Artist Of The Week)

It's confirmed...

Josh has confirmed on Twitter that he is indeed returning to host the British TV show "Nevermind The Buzzcocks"!!!

His appearance back in December 2008 was an absolute classic.  If you haven't seen it, or you just want to relive the memories, you can watch it on the video page of Josh's website.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

18 September, 2010

Hidden Away performance clip...

I've got to say that this song is growing on me...

Hope you enjoy this sneak peek.

16 September, 2010

Saving band practice...

Tonic.com is reporting that Josh will help launch Bing's Our School Needs competition by donating instruments to Marie Curie Middle School. The Bayside, N.Y.-located Title 1 school has more than 50 percent of its students qualifying for free lunches.

Most of the students in the school's band can't afford to purchase instruments, so the band teacher, Ms. Schecter, relies on having her students share instruments, many of which are 20-30 years old. It is not uncommon for up to four of her students to share one flute. To help raise awareness for the need to support our schools, Groban will donate a variety of new instruments on behalf of Bing to Schecter's students.

“I am so excited to be a part of Bing’s Our School Needs campaign,” Groban said. “Schools across the country are facing severe budget cuts and the arts programs are usually the first to go. I am honored to have the opportunity to help provide new instruments to the Marie Curie Middle School band to help Ms. Schecter continue to make a difference in her student’s lives through music education.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I really love reading about Josh 'giving back'. 

15 September, 2010

Album photoshoot pic...

Another picture has surfaced from the album photoshoot.  This one is up on Josh's Amazon.com page.


Live Chat...

And so the publicity machine begins - Radio Station 106.7 Lite FM New York is hosting an online video chat with Josh on Thursday, September 16 at 11am EST! Josh will be in the studio taking questions from his fans.

You can submit your question in advance at the station website here.

 If you need to work out what time this is in your part of the world, go to timeanddate.com (EST is New York time).

Feeling like an Alien...

See the 0:37 second mark.

12 September, 2010

New York Fashion Week...

Look who is settling in to life in NYC...  Here Josh is attending the Charlotte Ronson Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Josh even managed to get a coveted seat in the front row, which is 'the place' to sit.  Because at Fashion Week, it’s where you sit that counts (see this NY Times article).

Gotta love Josh's tweet about the experience.

Front row baby, with Brent Bolthouse and Nicky Hilton

11 September, 2010

Cover Art (take two)...

Looks like the crew at JG.com had a bit of a problem when they uploaded the cover art to the website. But it's all fixed now...  Gotta say I like this new & improved version.

(BTW - does anyone else see the irony in the fact that the cover for "Illuminations" was too dark.  LOL)

And here are Josh's tweets about it.
Source 1
Source 2

Cover Art...

The cover art for the new CD has just been released.  What do you think?


08 September, 2010

Hidden Away Cover Art...


And as an added bonus you can listen to a brief sample on Amazon.com

New single announced...

Josh's facebook page has just announced that the new single will be 'Hidden Away'.  No doubt the website will be updated shortly.

This is the song Josh performed at the Walmart Shareholders meeting a few weeks ago.  I can't wait to hear the studio version.


01 September, 2010

We have an album name...

Yes, the worst kept secret on the internet has been revealed.

Josh's new album title will be "ILLUMINATIONS".

The announcement was 'exclusively' made on FoJG (Friends of Josh Groban), the paid member area of JoshGroban.com but it didn't stay an 'exclusive' for long as it very quickly spread over the new world of social media (twitter/facebook etc.).  It was subsequntly announced on the main (free) section of the site.

Just my opinion - but as a paying member of a fanclub, one of the promised benefits of joining is of exclusive content, and yes, I do find it a little disappointing that the exclusive nature of this announcement wasn't respected.  It's not like it was going to be kept a secret from the rest of the world forever.  But at the end of the day, it's the music on CD that I'm looking forward and won't care what it's called once it's in my hands and playing on my iPod.

And I love that how in Josh's own special way he handled the situation brilliantly.  Below are his tweets:
And yes, he even gave a shout out to his 'tentative' album name from back in July.

Sigh No More...

- from the Live4Pakistan event. The song "Sigh No More" is originally by Mumford and Sons

And.... stay tuned. The album has a name!!!

31 August, 2010

We have a release date...

Well kind of... 

So exciting! I can't wait for November!


A Helping Hand...

Thanks to the wonders of the internet Josh will be joining a group of celebrities (including Imogen Heap, Sir Richard Branson) to help raise much needed funds to benefit the victims of the recent floods in Pakistan via an online fundraising event.

The website is promising 'intimate musical performances' by Josh, Imogen, Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer and others.  I wonder if we'll get treated to a new song?

If you need to find out what time this will be happening in your timezone, use this.

More information at the source.

28 August, 2010

New album photoshoot...

Yes, it's another new pic - this one was taken as part of the photoshoot for the new album.

The Mod on the official forums has also indicated that they are finalizing details but they hoping to be in a position to announce information about the album next week (possibly as early as Monday). 

26 August, 2010

In the studio...

A new pic has just been made available on the public site.  Members had first access to it a few days ago, so here it is...

16 August, 2010

Bon Appetit...

Click here to read a great interview with Josh in Bon Appetit magazine from the September 2010 issue.

My favorite question & answer:
What did you have for dinner tonight?
Pit-roasted wild boar with a pear reduction demi-glace, grilled sunchokes with garlic and kale, black truffle-infused potatoes gratin, a glass of 2002 Pétrus, and a banana-chocolate soufflé topped with cherry foam for dessert... Fine, it was tomato soup.

14 August, 2010


The 9th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree on August 12, 2010 in LA

Celebrating the September issue of Details magazine at a private residence on August 10, 2010 in LA.

09 August, 2010


Well it looks like the campaign for the new album is starting.

On Josh's official website (www.joshgroban.com) fans are being asked to introduce Josh to a friend. I don't know about you, but I've pretty much introduced Josh to every single one of my friends!

But anyway, the widgit features a photograph of Josh in New York taken by Kurt Iswarienko and is from the shoot for the new album.

In three easy steps you can select your favorite song out of 5 classic tracks and you and your friend will get one free download from this list:
  • To Where You Are
  • Remember When It Rained
  • February Song
  • Awake
  • Per Te
And those of you that have been following my blog for awhile would probably realize that I'm beyond excited that a certain song hasn't made the list...

30 July, 2010

Josh out and about (Part 2)...

Gotta love those guys at TMZ... "Josh Groban - GIRL MAGNET"

TMZ | MySpace Video

You can also click here to link to the TMZ site for the clip.

And Josh's twitter response:

19 July, 2010

16 July, 2010

A return to Glee (Season 2)...

This is exciting, according to Ryan Murphy, the creator of the hit TV show "Glee", Josh will be making a return appearance in the second season when it returns to our tv screens in September. (Source)

As a huge fan of Glee, I for one can't wait to see what classic 'Josh-inspired" quotes we'll get.  There's already a lot to live up to including these classics:

Episode 3 - "Acafellas" (original air date September 17th, 2009)

  • Sandy: Who's Josh Groban?! Kill yourself! He is an angel sent from heaven to deliver platinum records unto us. And if he were here right now I'd club you to death with his Critic's Choice Award.
  • Sandy: He's here! He's here! Josh Groban is here! Front row, big brown eyes, cute as a buttermilk biscuit. I barfed.
  • Josh: And which one of you is...Sandy?
    Sandy: Right here! We are so honored you c-
    Josh: I came here to tell you - stop calling me! I don't know how you got my number. I don't know how you got my number after I changed it! But stop sending me nude photos and locks of your hair. I don't want anymore of your edible gift baskets or listen to any of those sonatas you wrote. Here's a restraining order.
  • Josh: Throngs of screaming teenagers don't do it for Josh Groban. No. Josh Groban loves a blowsy alcoholic.

Episode 22 - Journey (original air date 11th June 2010)

  • Josh: Two questions: One, are you single? And two, how about those "New Directions"?
  • Josh: I thought that brunette had an amazing voice.
    Olivia: Brunette's have no place in show business.
  • Olivia: By the time I was fourteen I'd already formed a band.  When Josh Groban was their age he was already in the Mickey Mouse Club... or something.
  • Josh: DAGNABIT!!!
  • Sue: KISS MY ASS, Josh Groban! I'm an internationally ranked cheer-leading coach!

New Pic (Part 13)...

Sadly this is the last one in the series of these new photos.  I can't wait to see the one's that are shot to promote the new album.

Out of all the pictures, which one was your favorite?

Mine were Part 12 from last week; and Part 3.


12 July, 2010

New Vlog...

So exciting to see Josh again...  and even more exciting to hear all his news!


09 July, 2010

04 July, 2010

Happy 4th of July 2010...

Basically a repeat of my post from last year, but I've added Josh's performance of the national anthem performed with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the BCS National Championship Game back in January.

Star Spangled Banner-

(I picked this shot from the crowd version as I get too distracted by Flea & the band in the more 'official one'. This one lets you just hear Josh's beautiful voice...)

God Bless America-

Star Spangled Banner-

Star Spangled Banner-

My Country Tis of Thee

Star Spangled Banner-


29 June, 2010

At the Opera...

A few days ago Josh tweeted:

The LA Opera then tweeted this photo of Josh hanging our with Tariqh.

And here's another pic posted by the LA Opera of Josh with Placido Domingo and LA Opera Music Director, James Conlon.

Source #1
Source #2
Source #3