20 May, 2009

14 May, 2009


Josh was part of the audience @ the Yusuf Islam (better known by most as Cat Stevens) concert on Monday night in LA.

You can read a more detailed account of the evening at the Washington Post website here.

09 May, 2009

Chess pre-order details...

Amazon.com is now taking pre-orders for the Chess in Concert CD's (with a June 16 release date).

You can pre-order the 2 disc CD here, while the 1 CD highlights disc can be pre-ordered here.

A big thanks to Icethesite for breaking this news.

There's nothing about a DVD pre-sale yet, but you can sign up for an email alert on Amazon to be notified when it is.

** Update: the DVD can be pre-ordered here (with a June 16 release date).


07 May, 2009

Site update...

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to let you know that I've added a RSS feed to my blog, so if you are familiar with this, you can now follow "I Heart Josh Groban" via RSS as well. This is all new to me, so I hope it works OK. The feed details are at the top of the right hand column. Or you can follow the blog by using the "Followers" gadget which is also located on the right-hand side, under the Blog Archive and Blogs I Love...

Also, I might not be able to do many updates in the coming weeks due to some upcoming travel, but I'll see how I go.

On my return, I'll be announcing details of a contest to celebrate the release of the "Chess in Concert" DVD, so keep an eye out for that.

Finally , I wanted to say thanks for the comments you leave in the posts and in the shoutout box. I do appreciate them.

Anyway, 'keep on joshing'..

05 May, 2009

Possible tv show appearance...

Got this in a Google alert - of course there's no official confirmation that this is in fact true. But nevertheless -

Melanie in Portland, Ore.: I just saw the extended promo for Glee, which was amazing! I am so excited for the premiere on May 19. Is there anything more you can share about this show?What's a musical show without Kristin Chenoweth? Yup, Cheno is making a guest appearance, but you'll have to wait until fall to see it. Her character is not someone we've seen her play before though, so you'll be surprised. Jane Lynch tells us, "She's kind of a drunk, a has-been. She's squatting in a McMansion in town, but she's still got it. She's got the voice, she's got the moves and she really shows the kids how to put it on." Also making guest appearances on the soon-to-be Fox hit are Josh Groban and Victor Garber. Also, good news coming from executive producer Ryan Murphy: "There's going to be a series of albums where we put out an album every couple of months because we will have so much material. Also, we're going to have all of the songs when you watch the show available that night immediately on iTunes."

More info on Glee can be found here.

The trailer looks kinda fun... I wonder how long it will be until the powers that be either confirm or deny this?

01 May, 2009

Arts Advocacy Day - video of testimony...

I know this happened back at the beginning of April, but I'd only seen very average quality video of the actual testimony, but this is excellent quality so I thought I would share it here. Enjoy!

Josh Groban from Americans for the Arts on Vimeo.

Josh Groban - GRAMMY ® nominated singer-songwriter, lends his voices in support of the arts.

As part of Americans for the Arts’ Arts Advocacy Day, Josh testified before a Congressional Committee to champion the benefits of, and request additional and continuing funding and support for, the arts and arts education in America.

On March 31, 2009, Americans for the Arts gathered a panel of acclaimed artists and experts to call on Congress for continuing and additional support and funding for the arts and arts education in America. This hearing, entitled “The Arts = Jobs,” focused on congressional support of strong public policies for the arts, appropriating increased public funding for the arts, and supporting arts workers. www.AmericansForTheArts.org

Source - Americans For The Arts vimeo channel

Video blog from Chicago...

From Josh's vimeo channel-

"My Kinda Town...

Checking in from Chicago!"


How lucky is Savannah?