30 April, 2011

It's all about the hair...

A pic from Josh's upcoming movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love".

Rehearsals - Sneak Peek Part 2...

Can you believe that the tour is starting in just under 2 weeks. Is everyone excited or what???

Josh on Ellen...

On dating...

Galileo (or as Josh calls it a "sappy-scientist-song")...

An 'after-show' thank you moment...

28 April, 2011

On the Road...

Like me, I'm sure there are many people that want to be hunted down... Maybe I should sell my tickets? LOL

Virgin Red Room Interview...

This interview was recorded when Josh took part in the Virgin Social Marathon in London on 18 April.

The Virgin Social Marathon saw the social media teams from every UK Virgin company, from Virgin Active to Virgin Wines, Tweeting and Facebooking together from the same room for one day only.

As well as this interview, Josh also answered a few Twitter questions...

richardbranson: Join the @virgin teams & @joshgroban, tweet your tea break photos to join in #tweetfortea

Josh: I'm taking over @virginredroom on twitter as part of the social marathon. Tag your questions #askjosh, I'll answer the best ones. Go forth!

Virgin: Look who has joined us for #tweetfortea. It's @joshgroban! http://twitpic.com/4mgper

Josh: Hey its josh i'm finally here and ready to answer your questions!

Josh: @TheRealKrisKiss @joshgroban i've been fortunate to sing with some incredible people but still on my wish list are yo yo ma and bjork!

Josh: @maryv85 @joshgroban yes! its a dream of mine to visit south america and my fans there have been so patient, hope to see you soon! thanks

Josh: @__Paulita__ Groban's garden was a blast to make..we got down right stupid with that one but i'm sure another one won't be far off

Josh: @timpritchard @joshgroban its always fun to taste the beers of the world...had an awesome pint of guinness in dublin and i also love asahi

happyjenloves: @virginredroom hey Josh do you ever google yourself
Josh: @happyjenloves only when i'm desperately trying to locate and remove nude photos

Josh: @VirginHolidays @KevMy_ster long answer for twitter but ever since i was 10 i had the bug. my folks took me to many shows and that helped!

Josh: @montanarosalie yeah i would loved to be in sunday in the park with george...its a total favorite of mine

Josh: @Wastntime @joshgroban i saw ELEW play online and i was blown away...he has amazing ability and i know you all will love him!

Josh: @alejandrobow @joshgroban used to be a cat person but since getting my dog sweeney i've seen the light

Josh: thanks for your awesome questions! been fun hanging here with the virgin folks...gotta run out again but keep saying hi to me @joshgroban

virginredroom: thanks @joshgroban - it was nice to squish up with you in the @virginredroom & thanks to you all out there for your questions

Josh: @Virgin @virginredroom pleasure was mine! Thanks for the tea!

Josh: That was quick, wish I could have stayed longer, I'll do another proper q&a with everyone soon

virginredroom: Josh Groban has left the building! Thanks for all your questions! Interviews with @joshgroban will be live soon.
virginredroom: Here's @joshgroban getting his Tweet on earlier... http://twitpic.com/4mhyvb

virginredroom: Get to work young man! @joshgroban gets his head down for some Tweeting... http://twitpic.com/4mi155

Woohoo @joshgroban in the #vmourhouse with @virginredroom http://picplz.com/2BCS

VirginWines: The Virgin Family with Josh Groban on our Virgin Social Marathon day on Monday. http://twitpic.com/4n7vls

20 April, 2011

A really, really great interview...

In my opinion this has to be one of my top 5 all time interviews. Thank Betty Brisk.
I'VE been forced to keep this interview secret from Mr Brisk - he is unreasonably jealous of my enthusiasm for you. How do you deal with furious middle-aged husbands?

I try to convey to the rightfully furious husbands that I'm here to HELP them. Your time together at my concert is only part of your evening. Wink.

You're described as the housewives' favourite but I gather you are now also corrupting, sorry, converting a much younger audience who see you as cool.

I chalk it up to "nerd" being the new "cool" and I gladly welcome this younger audience to my cult... er... fanbase.

The thought of talking to you has brought me out in a hot flush. Your audiences are packed with women of a certain age - how can we harness all that heat for the benefit of humankind?

Betty, your question has turned this interview into a think tank and I will forward it to the UK Department Of Energy And Climate Change. The hot flushes of the world will save us all.

You've just turned 30 and are currently single. Are you fighting your way through crowds of girls looking for lurve whenever you leave the house? Some celebrities would gather up armfuls of them. Not tempted?

I often find myself with armfuls of love-hungry ladies roaming the streets. I'm just not famous enough for The Sun to notice!

As you can imagine, I'm constantly wooed by ardent admirers (it gets on my nerves to be frank, but I try not to reject them too cruelly). What's the most outrageous proposal you've received?

Someone had "Will you marry me?" tattooed on her back. I was shocked and flattered but noticed it wasn't name specific so didn't feel too bad about saying: "Move aside, you tart!"

Do English girls live up to their reputation for being a little, well, forward?

I enjoy a bit of forward behaviour. I'm relatively shy so it's nice to know where a girl stands or how badly she wants you to put your shirt back on.

What's your chat-up technique?

I sing all the time so serenading a girl always seems a little forced. I'm actually pretty timid about bringing a girl to one of my shows too. I really should learn to use my powers for evil more often.

You've been described as America's answer to Charlotte Church. Does that mean we might see you falling over in nightclubs after one too many beers?

I would hope that's what was meant by that comparison! I can't think of another that would fit.

As respectable pillars of the community, Mr B and I were shocked to discover it's illegal to have sex in your garden in the UK. Have you accidentally broken any laws?

Yes! I just moved to New York and was shocked, after receiving a hefty fine, to discover that it's illegal to walk around with an ice cream cone in my pocket.

I know you've only just turned 30 but have you thought about planning your funeral? I think I'd like to be pushed out to sea on a burning ship while mourners line the shore wailing. Any ideas how you'd like to be sent off?

I think about this hourly and constantly update my will online when I have free moments. The current edition requests being shot out of a cannon into a giant shepherd's pie crust, baked in an oven for a little over an hour and fed to a family of Peruvian alpacas. I then wish for the droppings to be picked up in pine-scented baggies and buried in a cemetery.

Josh's new single Higher Window is out on April 25. His album Illuminations is out now.

Source - TheSun.co.uk

15 April, 2011

Proms in the Park...

The Royal Albert Hall website has posted that Josh will be performing as part of the finale of the World's largest classical music festival - the BBC Proms in the Park on Saturday 10 September (5.30pm – 10.45pm).

Josh will join Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson, Lang Lang, Royal Choral Society and the BBC Concert Orchestra at this live open-air concert.

Tickets £32.50 - click here for more information.

13 April, 2011

In-store signing - Dublin, Ireland...

To celebrate Record Store Day, Josh will be signing copies of his album 'Illuminations' at The Celtic Note Store on Nassau Street, in Dublin on April 16th between 12pm and 1pm.

Patrons can purchase Josh's new album 'Illuminations' and receive a wristband for the signing. Wristbands will be available from Tuesday April 12th at Celtic Note and are limited and subject to availability.

Higher Window - The Music Video...

In case you've missed it, here's the official video for "Higher Window"...

I don't know how many times I can say this, but I ♥ this song....

(Images source - Joshgroban.com)

11 April, 2011

Europe promo...

Josh is currently back in Europe doing more promo for his upcoming tour.

NDR Talk Show - Germany

Must Be The Music on Polsat TV - Poland

... and an audience only song from Must be the Music

Thanks to original uploaders.

Great to see such an enthusiastic response from the Polish fans.

08 April, 2011

Co-Hosting Live! with Regis and Kelly (again)...

On April 22nd, Josh will again host LIVE! with Regis and Kelly. The show airs at 9am on the 22nd. Check your local listings.

07 April, 2011

"Crazy, Stupid, Love" trailer...

So we all know that Josh has a small part in the new Steve Carell movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love" which will be in cinemas in July.

Here's the trailer - sadly but not surprisingly there's no sign of Josh.


Well that didn't last long. Warner Bros have taken down the YouTube clip. Fingers crossed they post the 'official' trailer soon.

04 April, 2011

Childhood Charity Gala, Florida...

This weekend Josh performed at the Childhood Charity Gala, in Boca Raton, Florida. Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden and HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden were in attendance at the gala. The World Childhood Foundation was founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1999 and is a non-profit grant-making foundation dedicated to helping the most vulnerable children worldwide: sexually abused and exploited children, street children and institutionalized children, with special emphasis on girls and young mothers.

At the end of his set, Josh finished with "You Raise Me Up" (and even hugged a Princess.) Sadly the video has been taken down off YouTube.

03 April, 2011

Walmart Soundcheck...

Back late last year when life was crazy for me, I didn't get a chance to update about Josh's Walmart Soundcheck performance. So if you haven't had a chance you must check it out here.

The six (6) song set is made of up the following:
  1. Alejate
  2. February Song
  3. Hidden Away
  4. VocĂȘ Existe Em Mim
  5. Higher Window
  6. Bells of New York City
And good news if you have an iPod/iPad, you can now download the Walmart Soundcheck App. for Josh's concert(* Video streaming requires a WiFi connection).

02 April, 2011

Upcoming European TV appearances...

Josh is headed back to Europe and will be appearing on the following TV shows:
08 Apr – Germany NDR Morning Show - starting at 10 pm (local time)
09 Apr - Must Be The Music - Polstat TV @ 8pm
11 Apr – Germany ARD Morning Magazine
15 Apr – UK Graham Norton Show
15 Apr – Ireland Late Late Show
18 Apr – UK BBC Breakfast Show
19 Apr – UK Alan Tichmarsh Show