07 March, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

It's been very, very quiet in the land of Josh... No new blog or no news of a web-chat. Let's hope that's a great sign that he's been tucked away in the studio working hard on the new album.

And I'm also wondering what happened to the vlog he did with Placido Domingo, because during the webchat he was told they had approval to post it. Maybe they had some 'technical difficulties' with this as well?

Anway, here's a clip of Josh singing "To Where You Are" in Adelaide, Australia during the "Awake Tour". It was simply beautiful, just Josh singing with the piano as accompaniment. And for a bit of trivia, this is the night I met Josh for the first time...



  1. No matter how many times he sings a song it's always just astounding. I'm sure that when he does reappear that he will not be letting us down with his next project. Thanx for the vid.

  2. You're spot on, it's been very quiet since the build-up to the Grammy's.

    I hope we hear from him soon. Maybe with some hints of what he's been working on.

    Keep up the great work. I love this blog.


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