25 April, 2009

Chess in Concert - Double CD Tracklist...

Tracklist for the double CD thanks to Icethesite...

Chess in Concert: Act 1
1. Prologue
2. The Story Of Chess
3. Merano/What a Scene! What a Joy!
4. Commie Newspapers/Press Conference
5. Molokov and Anatoly/Where I Want To Be
6. Difficult and Dangerous Times
7. The Arbiter
8. Hymn To Chess
9. The Merchandisers
10. Chess Game #1
11. The Arbiter (reprise)
12. Quartet (A Model of Decorum and Tranquility)
13. Florence and Molokov
14. 1956 - Budapest Is Rising
15. Nobody's Side
16. Mountain Duet
17. Chess Game #2
18. Florence Quits/Pity The Child #1
19. Embassy Lament
20. Heaven Help My Heart
21. Anatoly and the Press
22. Anthem

Chess in Concert: Act 2

1. Golden Bangkok
2. One Night In Bangkok
3. One More Opponent
4. You and I
5. The Soviet Machine
6. The Interview
7. Someone Else’s Story
8. The Deal (No Deal)
9. Pity The Child #2
10. I Know Him So Well
11. Talking Chess
12. Endgame
13. You And I (Reprise)
14. Walter and Florence
15. Anthem (Reprise)


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Is the double cd album already available?

  2. Hey White, the CD is being releases at the same time as the DVD so you've got a little bit longer to wait.

  3. Thanks! Thanks! for the info. I know that the DVD will be released in June but I didn't know that a CD recording will also be released. Thanks again. :)

    BTW, read your reply in my blog. :)

  4. The DVD should also include a 1 CD of 'highlights. No word yet on what the track list will be for this.


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