27 June, 2009

Josh inspires us (again)...

It's not all about the music.

When I talk to friends and colleagues about being a Josh Groban fan I sometimes struggle when trying to explain that it involves so much more than just him and his music.

Apart from the awesome friendships that are formed around the world (which most of the time are initially via the wonders of the worldwide web), it's also the inspiration we as fans are given to 'give back'.

Last weekend, Josh was inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame. Sadly I couldn't be there, but Josh was well represented by an extremely large contingent of fans who traveled from all across the US and internationally to attend this one night only event.

A large group of fans weren't just content on only attending the concert and instead used the event as an opportunity to help others...

An extremely dedicated group of fans organized a "Meet & Greet" event as a way to get together, have fun and at the same time raise funds for the Josh Groban Foundation and they raised an incredible amount of over $20,000 through auctions and the sale of merchandise...

In response to this amazing effort, Josh posted the following response on twitter-

@joshgroban: remarkable...thank you! RT @Nessuria Hollywood Bowl Meet & Greet raised $20,420 for the @joshgroban Foundation!! so proud to be part of that

Additionally, a group of fans, inspired by Josh's appearance at the Feeding America rally earlier this year, donated food, goods, cash and more importantly their time to volunteer at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank on the morning of the concert.

So, it's not just about the music and I just want to say-

"Thank you Josh for inspiring your fans to give back... I'm so proud to say I'm a fan!"

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  1. An amazing evening at the Bowl and amazing fundraiser the night before. The fan generosity to the Foundation and to other causes is breathtaking. The hours of time devoted to putting on that fundraiser were so impressive! Good job, Shauna and team!!


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