29 August, 2009

Josh with Nelly...

** EDIT - apparently the clip has been removed by YTube.... If I find it somewhere else I'll re-post, but in the meantime I'll leave the entry as it was. Thanks Rosa Isabel for letting me know...


Here's a YTube clip that shows a quick glimpse of Josh & Nelly Furtado during their collaboration on "Silencio" as part of 'Mi Plan', her first album in Spanish.

If anyone can translate what the presenter said, please let me know. Just use the "Contact me" button at the bottom of the page.

I really hope she wasn't calling Josh "John Graham"!

**EDIT - Apparently Nelly wrote the song especially for Josh and he was only supposed to sing the chorus but (no surprise) she fell in love with his voice and asked him to sing the whole song with her! Apparently John Graham wrote the song, but yes, the presenter was referring to Josh when she mentioned "John Groham"... LOL

More information about Nelly's album can be found here - but here's the part of the article that mentions Josh...

However, Nelly revealed working with classical star Josh Groban on 'Silencio' was a "huge blessing".

She added: "I thought it was important to showcase on this album an artist that people know more for their English recordings. So, I thought by working with Josh would actually elevate my point that language isn't a barrier when it comes to music."


  1. Thanks!! Can't wait to hear the song!!!

  2. The video is no available now :(

  3. hi I have the video, fortunately I downloaded it and was thinking re-upload it but no in ytube, if you want I could send you this...


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