06 February, 2010

It's SuperBowl Weekend...

Not that I'm really into it, but Josh is going for the New Orleans Saints.

From MTV

"They're both great teams, they both have amazing quarterbacks, but for me the story is, 'Wouldn't it be cool if the Saints were able to do that for their city and do it for their team?' " Josh Groban said. "They've never been to the Super Bowl, and it's been really fun to watch them play this year. They play a really graceful game."

From Fox News

And according to Josh Groban, the entire season truly belongs to the black and gold.

“I am definitely supporting the Saints. It is their year this year, they've had an incredible season. Can you imagine what it would mean to the city and the franchise as they've never been to the Super Bowl?” Groban said. “I think it would be a wonderful celebration if they can pull it off.”

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