14 April, 2010

Josh returns to Glee...

Yes, Josh will return for the season ending episode of Glee due to air in the states on June 8th.

"Of course, no competition would be complete without a panel of celebrity judges, and at last night’s comeback party in Hollywood, series creator Ryan Murphy revealed the lineup: Previous Glee guest Josh Groban will be joining upcoming Glee guest Olivia Newton-John and Sue “Don’t Call Me Simon” Sylvester on the panel.

“The theme of Regionals is celebrity judges,” Murphy explains. “Sue is now a nationwide celebrity. And Olivia and Josh only like choirs that sing their songs, so that’s funny. They wanted to do something that played against what people think about them… to play against type. So we gave them an opportunity. And it’s funny to have Sue as a judge when she doesn’t really know about [music], and she has it out for that darn Glee club.”


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