13 May, 2010

The Billboard Q&A...

This really is a great interview and it makes me really excited about the new album. Thanks Billboard!!!!

Let's hope it's just the first of many in a long line to promote the new album in the coming months.

Part 1 - talks about working on his new album with producer Rick Rubin.

Part 2 - talks about being on "Glee," and shares his thoughts on inspirations and how he listens to music.

Part 3 - hearts his doggie, talks travel, who he'd love to collaborate with, and acting.

Part 4 - talks about moving to New york, not watching "American Idol," and his favorite childhood movies.

Part 5 - talks about Oprah, the Josh Groban Foundation, and singing in many languages.

Part 6 - shares his tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse. We kid you not.

Part 7 - talks about being a sexy man and the problem with stereotypes.

Part 8 - talks about warming up to Twitter, and what he hopes to accomplish in the next decade.


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