01 December, 2010

The Gayle King interview...

To listen to a wonderful interview Josh just did with Gayle King listen here.

And yes, I'm back... and will slowly be getting back into the swing of things. I know a lot has happened over the past few months & I won't even attempt to go back and cover everything that's happened.

BTW - What are your thoughts on "Illuminations"???  I've got to say that I love it - simple as that. 

I know that not everyone loves or even likes it, and wishes it was more like his "Josh Groban" or "Closer".  My thoughts are if you want it to be more like his first CD's, then you should just listen to these.  But each to their own.  My favorite song keeps changing every time I listen to it.  But funnily enough, like Gayle I really love Au Jardin Des Sans-Pourquoi (but maybe that's also because I'm slightly obsessed with Paris!)

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