17 February, 2011

Duets 2 with Tony Bennett...

Amy Winehouse, Josh Groban and Carrie Underwood are among the artists Tony Bennett is recording with for "Duets 2," a follow-up to his tremendously successful 2006 effort, "Duets."

That first project celebrated the legendary Bennett's 80th birthday. Similarly, "Duets 2" will honor the star for his 85th birthday and will come out in September on Columbia. Bennett turns 85 on Aug. 3.

Over the weekend, The New York Post broke the news that Winehouse and Bennett were recording together, but we have the exclusive details about "Duets 2" from Bennett's manager/son Danny Bennett, whom we saw at the MusiCares tribute to Barbra Streisand on Feb. 11.

The set will also include new songs recorded with k.d. lang and Michael Buble, both of whom appeared on "Duets," as well as, Danny hopes, Aretha Franklin.

Winehouse attended Bennett's two London shows this past summer and Danny tells Hitfix that Winehouse took advantage of the meeting to seek Bennett's counsel. Bennett advised her to take care of herself and her voice.

The album, like "Duets," will be composed mainly of jazz standards, including "Body & Soul," written in the '30s and recorded by the likes of Coleman Hawkins and Billie Holiday, as well as "Stranger in Paradise," which Bennett first recorded in 1955.



  1. Great News! where did you find this information? i would like to get confirmation

  2. Mar - the source of this information is posted at the bottom of the entry, but I'll post it here for you as well ;-p


  3. Of note is his work with the late Amy Winehouse on "Body and Soul," a heartbreaking, apt tune for the chanteuse's final recording. Both are in their element, and the result is fraught with unrequited longing and slow-burning desperation. It is a fortunate teaming of two great talents bathed in instant pathos in its reminder of how fleeting art, like life, can be. Winehouse's voice was a fine instrument indeed, and "Body and Soul" showcases it.


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