09 December, 2011

Live! with Kelly...

(Yes, I'm back after some time away, so regular posting will hopefully be returning)...

Back from South Africa now the tour is over, Josh has been a guest co-host on LIVE! with Kelly. So far he's done two days, and returns for the final day tomorrow (US time).

Day 1 (Dec 7th) - Click this link for host chat.

Day 2 (Dec 8th) - Click this link for host chat.

Josh singing "I'll be Home for Christmas" - click this link (sorry, but I can't embed the clip)

Day 3 (Dec 9th) - Click this link for host chat.

Also - I'll be updating this post with more pics and videos as they show up, so check back over the next couple of days.

(Picture source - Josh's Official Facebook Page)

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