21 May, 2013

Moscow concert...

A fun clip from the Moscow concert.

Thanks to @RUS_Grobanites we have a translation.
Josh: Thank you for being here tonight.
Ruslan: *translates it properly*

Josh: It has been my dream to come to this country for my whole life.
Ruslan: *translates it properly*

Josh: Not only for amazing people...
Ruslan: Not only for beautiful women...

Josh: The great arts & the culture that you have here.
Ruslan: Specially, the women's gymnastics national team

Josh: And of course the great food, delicious food you have here.
Ruslan: Mmmm...women you have here...oh *wagging head*

Josh: Even my band who's been travelling a very very long way to be here feel the same.
Ruslan: Even our musical band agree about women..

Josh: So, it is with great pleasure that I sing for you tonight.
Ruslan: After the concert here will be a big afterparty.

Josh: I hope you'll enjoy.
Ruslan: Room # 2309.

Josh: Thank you.
Ruslan: Alcohol free. *winking*
Set List -
  1. Brave 
  2. Don't give up 
  3. February Song 
  4. Alejate 
  5. Happy In My Heartache 
  6. AllŠ° Luce Del Sole 
  7. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress 
  8. Sincera 
  9. Hollow Talk 
  10. Live & Let Die (instrumental) 
  11. Drum Solo 
  12. Voce Existe Em Mim 
  13. Un Alma Mas 
  14. Vincent 
  15. To Where You Are 
  16. Machine 
  17. I Believe 
  18. You Raise Me Up

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