18 August, 2008

You know you're a Grobanite when...

This was found on another site, but I had to share it. And BTW I won't reveal how many are true for me, but let's just say it's a few (but I can assure you it's nowhere near 100%)...
  1. You give "Grobie hugs" in excess.
  2. You insist that "coinky-dink" is a real word.
  3. You hear another version of "You Raise Me Up" and the first thing that comes into your head is "You are SO not Josh. What the heck are you doing singing his song??"
  4. You meet people who were born in 1985 and you tell them "You're Chris' age!" and the person asks you if Chris is your brother.
  5. You proceed to tell this person everything there is to know about Josh, because you assume that if he or she doesn't know about Chris, then he or she isn't going to know about Josh, either.
  6. You've converted or have try to converte people you know/don't know to Grobanisum.
  7. Your mission in life is to spread the Josh.
  8. You hold llamas in the highest regard...even higher than your own pet.
  9. You hoard pixy sticks like they're no longer in distribution--and devour them like there's no tomorrow.
  10. You can't say "adorable" anymore. It's "adorkable".
  11. You've done everything within your power to wear glasses like Josh--despite your 20/20 vision.
  12. You have glasses like Josh's. Same frame and everything. Thank God your eyes suck!
  13. You try to enroll in Italian, Spanish and French classes in school when you're normally only allowed to learn one at a time.
  14. You want to kill Usher and/or every Junior High girl who voted for him at the People's Choice Awards.
  15. You spend half of your time on eBay looking for all the Limited Edition stuff that you can't find in stores.
  16. You wear a pinstriped blazer over a tshirt with jeans and converse shoes, as to be in Josh style.
  17. Anytime you see a celebrity (on tv) that was ever photographed with Josh you have to tell whoever is with you that Josh knows them.
  18. You have a Josh "shrine" somewhere in your house.
  19. You have been threatened to lose your job because of Josh.
  20. You go into dreamy fits when you hear "Mi Morena" cuz you are "morena".
  21. You type OMJ by accident.
  22. You spend too much time on the JG board.
  23. You're in FOJG.
  24. You own a black turtle neck and smile when you put it on.
  25. You curl your hair for fun.
  26. Whenever you're in the same city as him, you run throughout the streets yelling his name in hopes he will hear you and come find you!
  27. Everytime you hear the name "Josh" you look everywhere trying to look for Josh Groban.
  28. When someone says "Josh" you answer "Where?!?"
  29. You seem to always find a way to include Josh in your conversations.
  30. Over 10 gig of your computer's hard drive contains Josh media, movies, and photos.
  31. Whenever someone asks you what you're listening to, you just say "Josh" and they roll their eyes.
  32. You desperately try to convert your close friends to grobanite-hood.
  33. You make up Josh related words like "grobanite-hood".
  34. You spend hundreds of dollars to amass all the versions of Josh's cds, dvds, posters, and other Josh-fan-alia (see above).
  35. You dream of Josh.
  36. When people say January, you think of Jones.
  37. You know all the words to all Josh's songs, including foreign languages you don't speak.
  38. You know the translations to all of Josh's songs, including foreign languages you don't speak.
  39. You know when and where Josh was born, his childhood dreams, career milestones, tour dates, and other useless info, and understand every Grobie inside joke ever.
  40. When a form asks for your occupation, you are tempted to put "Grobanite."
  41. Thud is one of the most common verbs in your vocabulary.
  42. When someone says the name "Josh" you think Josh Groban and get a craving for his music.
  43. You use Josh quotes in everyday life, such as "You're gonna learn somethin', boy", and laugh hysterically while everyone around you stares suspiciously.
  44. You get excited when you hear Josh on the radio, despite the fact that you listen to his CDs every single day.
  45. You all of a sudden have a great urge to take up drawing again to draw pictures of Josh, because he's so gorgeous.
  46. You know all the words to Josh's songs and even the words to the words to the extras on his concert DVDs.
  47. Despite having all of Josh's albums, you go to visit them just to see where they are when you're in the music store for a Josh fix, but also wonder why they aren't all sold out already.
  48. One of Josh Groban's song is destined to be your wedding song.
  49. Or better yet, you dream of marrying Josh so he can sing that song to you on your wedding day.
  50. You say "You will be raised up" by Josh's music when you hand out CDs to people you want to convert to "grobanite-hood."
  51. After days and days of raining and the sun finally comes out, you go up to your non-Grobie friends and ask them "Hey, remember when it rained?" and you walk away laughing because they were waiting for you to talk about when it rained!
  52. You convince yourself you're going to meet Josh and marry him.
  53. You yearn for Josh and his music during the school/work day and can't focus on work.
  54. Your friends tell you that you need counseling for your obsession with Josh.
  55. You tell your parents that you have a big fat crush on Josh. And they say...what Josh thing do you want NOW?!
  56. You've talked to a guy who looked like Josh for a long time just because he reminded you of him.
  57. You think of Grobania as an actual place that should be made to encompass the earth.
  58. Your computer crashed because you had too much Josh in one folder.
  59. Your friends walk away when you mention Josh's name (like hearing you talk about a bad crush or something).
  60. Your "Josh pics" folder on your computer is WAY bigger than your any of your other folders.
  61. You think any song would be sung better by Josh.
  62. You've had a little Q&A session to learn weird things about your friends and when you start asking questions about celebrities/singers they don't even bother asking you who your answers would be.
  63. If at any point in time at any place you happen to hear even two seconds of one of Josh's songs you immediately start squealing and exclaiming, "THAT'S JOSH!!"
  64. You haven't not listened to at least 1 song from Josh per day for the last three months.
  65. You read and/or write fanfiction whether you actually use Josh's personality or not is regardless as long as it contains his name and looks.
  66. You have more then one Grobie sister.
  67. You set up every tv show on your Tvio to automatically record any thing that Josh has to do with.
  68. Your ipod/mp3 player consists mostly of Josh music.
  69. You have Josh Groban ring tones for your cell phone.
  70. Your current wallpaper is Josh.
  71. You have met Josh.
  72. You want to visit LA to go around town to see if you can find him.
  73. You live in LA and have tried to do that at least once.
  74. At least 90% of the stuff is true about you.


  1. hi! :) Imma gonna snag this for my blog! :D

    Josh fan yay!

  2. :cry: according to this... snif... I not a grobie...


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