19 November, 2009

Yes, yes, yes!!!! (Pt.2)

The text reads -

AGE - 28
STATUS - Single
NEXT UP - He's recording his sixth studio CD

I Don't Get It, But I'll Take It
(Sung with extreme country twang)...

Sometimes just like all of us
It's hard for me to see
The compliments that others
are so kind to give to me
Cause growing up a nerdy guy
Geek chic to say the least
It's kinda cool that I'll be looked at
like a piece of meat
I don't get it
but I'll take it
It's just too good to be true
Mom always says I'm handsome
and now People thinks so too
And if you're reading this & wondering
"Could this all happen to me?"
Just remember that it's sexy
to be looked at differently
Oooh I don't get it...
But I sure as hell will take it



  1. Oh, too funny! I love it. And the smiley pictures are wonderful. And the video in the previous post... so fun. Thanks for sharing! Yeah for Josh! Here's to the sexy nerdy guys!

  2. This is excellent news. Josh deserves to be on the list, although in my mind he should be #1.


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