10 November, 2009

Looking good...

The anticipation is over and the new JoshGroban.com website has been launched.

Josh posted a blog to announce the launch -

New Website!!

I am proud to announce that the new JoshGroban.com 1.0 has been launched! As I look at it now and as I see the plans for it in my computer bag, it feels pretty naked. Rest assured the glitches will be fixed ASAP and the message board in its entirety will be transfered over like nuthin happened. Also, by the end of this week there are more design concepts I'd like to throw into it. Basically its still going to get a whole lot better but in the meantime, I hope you dig it…everyone worked super hard on it and I'm excited to see it grow with all of you until the album comes out! Enjoy!


And on the new home page, Josh posted this message -

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new website! First let me tell you all that this is and will continue to be a work in progress until the new album is released next year. It will be a constantly shifting and breathing home base for all of us to connect and it will only get better with all of your contributions. It feels pretty bare right now as I know there's so much more footage/music/pictures being integrated in the coming months that you will all hopefully enjoy very much. So navigate around, find your friends, and enjoy! And thank you as always for making this community a group of the greatest fans around.

Lots of love,

And Josh just posted this on Twitter.

So make sure you check out the new website at www.joshgroban.com. And yes, I like the new look. LOL


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