30 July, 2010

Josh out and about (Part 2)...

Gotta love those guys at TMZ... "Josh Groban - GIRL MAGNET"

TMZ | MySpace Video

You can also click here to link to the TMZ site for the clip.

And Josh's twitter response:


  1. Although I hate seeing Josh having his privacy violated I do appreciate that the guys at TMZ have never been mean about him. Also, we knew he's been a chick magnet for years!!!! He's the sweetest man on Earth how he never loses his cool, even with stupid ppl..... I'm talking to YOU Olga!

  2. I think that on the whole Josh gets off relatively easily when it comes to the paparazzi. Yes, they might (occasionally) take his picture when he goes out, but there's no celebrity car chases etc, which is certainly helped no end by his easy-going attitude when he encounters them.

    And to be honest, he's been living in LA for all his life and would know where the paparazzi hang out, so I see it as a choice he makes as to where he goes.

    And yes, he never loses his cool with the stupid people (even Olga)


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