28 April, 2011

Virgin Red Room Interview...

This interview was recorded when Josh took part in the Virgin Social Marathon in London on 18 April.

The Virgin Social Marathon saw the social media teams from every UK Virgin company, from Virgin Active to Virgin Wines, Tweeting and Facebooking together from the same room for one day only.

As well as this interview, Josh also answered a few Twitter questions...

richardbranson: Join the @virgin teams & @joshgroban, tweet your tea break photos to join in #tweetfortea

Josh: I'm taking over @virginredroom on twitter as part of the social marathon. Tag your questions #askjosh, I'll answer the best ones. Go forth!

Virgin: Look who has joined us for #tweetfortea. It's @joshgroban! http://twitpic.com/4mgper

Josh: Hey its josh i'm finally here and ready to answer your questions!

Josh: @TheRealKrisKiss @joshgroban i've been fortunate to sing with some incredible people but still on my wish list are yo yo ma and bjork!

Josh: @maryv85 @joshgroban yes! its a dream of mine to visit south america and my fans there have been so patient, hope to see you soon! thanks

Josh: @__Paulita__ Groban's garden was a blast to make..we got down right stupid with that one but i'm sure another one won't be far off

Josh: @timpritchard @joshgroban its always fun to taste the beers of the world...had an awesome pint of guinness in dublin and i also love asahi

happyjenloves: @virginredroom hey Josh do you ever google yourself
Josh: @happyjenloves only when i'm desperately trying to locate and remove nude photos

Josh: @VirginHolidays @KevMy_ster long answer for twitter but ever since i was 10 i had the bug. my folks took me to many shows and that helped!

Josh: @montanarosalie yeah i would loved to be in sunday in the park with george...its a total favorite of mine

Josh: @Wastntime @joshgroban i saw ELEW play online and i was blown away...he has amazing ability and i know you all will love him!

Josh: @alejandrobow @joshgroban used to be a cat person but since getting my dog sweeney i've seen the light

Josh: thanks for your awesome questions! been fun hanging here with the virgin folks...gotta run out again but keep saying hi to me @joshgroban

virginredroom: thanks @joshgroban - it was nice to squish up with you in the @virginredroom & thanks to you all out there for your questions

Josh: @Virgin @virginredroom pleasure was mine! Thanks for the tea!

Josh: That was quick, wish I could have stayed longer, I'll do another proper q&a with everyone soon

virginredroom: Josh Groban has left the building! Thanks for all your questions! Interviews with @joshgroban will be live soon.
virginredroom: Here's @joshgroban getting his Tweet on earlier... http://twitpic.com/4mhyvb

virginredroom: Get to work young man! @joshgroban gets his head down for some Tweeting... http://twitpic.com/4mi155

Woohoo @joshgroban in the #vmourhouse with @virginredroom http://picplz.com/2BCS

VirginWines: The Virgin Family with Josh Groban on our Virgin Social Marathon day on Monday. http://twitpic.com/4n7vls

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