05 May, 2011

Music Reviewer...

From Guardian.co.uk - Josh once again shows off his great comedic style, this time reviewing new single releases in the UK.

Wild Beasts - Albatross (Domino)
This should be played after a long day at work, where you light the fireplace up in your living room, crack open a bottle of Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape, and enjoy the song on your lonesome. The half-acoustic/half-electronic feel gives it a really haunting vibe and Hayden Thorpe's voice is beautiful here. My ears always perk up when I hear a unique male voice in the musical sea of homogenous rock singing nowadays and this reminds me of a more focused Antony Hegarty. Three cheers for vibrato! I shall be hunting for more from these beasts.
Blue - I Can (Blueworld UK)
Whoa! Girls (and a few select gentlemen), have you heard the news? Yes, it's true: Blue are BACK. All rise, people! To be honest, I didn't really know they were gone because I live in America but hey – what a comeback, right? Big drums, Usher-makin'-love-in-the-club styled synths. I'm sure I'll be hearing this song a lot while I'm exploring the London nightlife, which, incidentally, is exactly how I met Lee Ryan a few years back. Nice guy. Although I think he owes me a pint.
Plain White T's - Boomerang (Island)
I was stoked to hear a new song from the Plain White T's, even though I was just thinking about how many of them I've been wearing recently. (The tees that is, not the actual band.) Still, this peppy number about the angst of running hot and cold in a relationship has a super-catchy chorus and I especially like how it ends with a wee vintage piano. No doubt, it will be pumping from my iPod while I pay a visit to Topman to buy a collection of printed black tank tops.
Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne - Hit The Lights (Universal-Island)
This is sure to be a club SUPER HIT. Which means the only time I'll hear it is on YouTube. But I'm a sucker for a sly Weezy cameo: I was honoured to stand next to him during last year's Haiti Benefit recording of We Are The World. (Think that sounds odd? Listen to the final mix – it is!) This collaboration with Jay Sean seems a much more solid fit – even though everytime I hear someone say "hit the lights!", I can never tell if they mean on or off. I should find out before I get myself into an awkward social party foul.
Beady Eye - Millionaire (Beady Eye)
From what I understand, Beady Eye is basically Oasis minus Noel. I also understand from listening to this new track that the boys haven't lost their knack for interesting, strummy chord changes. Nor have they waylaid that ability to pen those grand, inspiring ... but ultimately esoteric lyrics. I mean, why stop at loving someone like a millionaire? I look forward to the day, if and when I find love, when I can look her in the eye and say: "Baby, I love you like a kabazillionaire." Oh well, anyhoo – great song
Josh Groban tours the UK in October


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