20 May, 2011

Oprah farwell...

Josh didn't let being on tour stop him from being part of the all-star cast for Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular in front of a crowd of around 13,000 at Chicago’s United Center.

It turns out that after his show in Dallas, Josh flew to Chigaco to be part of this farewell, and then after his performance he flew right back to San Antonio. 

Josh sang 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and was joined on-stage by Patti LaBelle.

Josh told Access Hollywood that he just wanted to say thank you.

The episodes are scheduled to screen on US stations on May 23/24 (check your local guides).

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  1. Ack that is so nice of Josh to find time in his very busy schedule to come and be there for Oprah. He seems like such a nice person. A lovely person with such a beautiful, wonderful, heart-touching voice. He seems very humble. Oprah was lucky to have such a special loving performance from Josh. I am sure he is thankful to her for when he was on her show.
    I love you Josh. oxxoox


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