20 November, 2013

Bloomingdale's Holiday Window Unveiling...

Josh took part in the 2013 Bloomingdale's Holiday Window Unveiling on 19-Nov-2013. Following his performance featuring the New York City Children's Chorus at the Bloomberg Courtyard, the 2013 holiday window display was unveiled at 59th and Lexington. Josh then did an in-store signing.

New York News

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  1. I am So on this as I have been counting the days , hours , minutes and seconds until next Tuesdsy 11-19-13 ! ! :)

    So Greatful for the chance to hear Josh Perform "LIVE" again ! ! ! :) So Happy ! ! ! :)

    I NEVER had the chance to see Josh Perform during the Holidays "LIVE" in NYC before and this will be my first Event.to see and hear Josh Perform songs to Celebrate the upcoming Holiday. ! ! ! ;)

    Hoping that he sings "Oh Holy Night" as it is my favorite ! ! The bonus of a Autograph Session is a Holiday Gift that can only be described as a real Christmas Miracle ! ! ! :

    Thanks Josh ! ! ((HUGS)) ♥
    . . . . . Night Owl


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