02 November, 2013

Ylvis does Josh Groban...

Back at the Oslo concert in May, Joshs’ twin? (Vegard Ylvisåker) made a surprise appearance towards the end of the show.

Along with his brother Bård, they are a Norwegian comedy duo/band “Ylvis” who are now known around the world for their viral hit “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say).

Previously Vergard has impersonated Josh, including a visit to a radio station and getting to the venue where Josh was performing. See this post from October 2011.

A new clip has been released on their TV show of what happened at the Oslo concert.

The transcript translation is below. You can also see this by clicking on the “Captions” icon on the clip.
Bård (B): Absolutely! But moving on, now we’re going to talk about this season’s little pastiche. That you look like Josh Groban. (** A pastiche is a work of visual art, literature, or music that imitates the style or character of the work of one or more other artists. Unlike parody, pastiche celebrates, rather than mocks, the work it imitates.)

Vegard (V) – Yes.

B: A topic we often need to address.

V: Yes.

B: Some background information, in our first season you got pretty far. You impersonated Josh Groban in a radio interview and you checked into a hotel as him, and more. But you didn’t achieve your main goal: Standing on the stage as Josh Groban.

V: No. I only got as far as right outside the backstage area and I realized it’s quite difficult getting through the security there, as Josh Groban. Unless you have teamed up with Josh Groban.

B: Yes, and this time around you had.

V: Yes!

B: What was the plan?

V: The plan was, that Josh and me… Or Joshy-boy, as I call him. We wanted to see if the audience in Speeectrum Other guest (OG): Speeectrum?

B: Speeectrum

V: If they would notice a difference when I entered the stage as Josh for the extra number.

B: How did it go?

V: It went OK, I mean… The only problem was right before going on state, I realised I didn’t know any of his songs. I only know that one song.

B: You raise me up. And that’s so typical of you to realise that the minute you’re about to walk on stage.

V: I’m just thinking “This is a cool idea” and then… But it worked out fine.

B: Ok, great. Let’s watch Vergard as a stand-in on Josh Groban’s encore.


Josh (J): I usually come off right now for a little break.

V: Ok. Is it OK?

J: Yes, going well, going well. Good luck out there.

V: Just a coffee break. We have this vibe. He doesn’t always need to say what’s on his mind. I just get it. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and then it turns out he’s had a cold. No. It is a strong bond. It is.


V: Alright, alright!

J: Alright.

V: Oh yeah, here we go. Thank you. You time me.

J: Ok, go get ‘em pal.


V: (Singing/English translation..) Tore Tang, an old man. (Thank you.)

V: (Singing/English translation..) The whole town knows of him. He who lives on old bread and water. Tore Tang. (Thank you so much.)


J: Can I have a hug?


OG: Beautiful!

B: Yes, it’s great!

OG: Really, beautiful. But when you’re standing next to each other, you’re not really that much alike. You’ve got the “extravagant”hair, apart from that…

B: I think it’s mostly due to the outfits. I look more like Skavlan than you look like Groban.

V: You don’t look like Skavlan.

B: I don’t look like Skavlan?

V: You don’t look like Skavlan.

B: So this is not a photo from VG last week, then?

V: Identical. As two drops of… gasoline. Not water.

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