29 November, 2008

C'mon Groban - it's time to update your blog...

It's been two months since your last video blog, and surely you've learnt by now that we're not all that good at the whole waiting thing.

What happened to the blog you recorded with Placido Domingo? Surely it's not too much to ask to post that and it'll keep us happy (for a few moments anyway)... That way you can do one while in the UK and then of course, one for Christmas.

You know what happens when the Grobanites get restless, so please post soon...

Anyway, have fun in the UK and Europe.


  1. I really couldn't make out what Josh's latest blog was all about! There are two people featured with wigs and one with a mask on. A suggestion for those who have the right equipment to take a look. What about us that don't fall into that category??? Mmmm, Are they being ageist and elitist? If someone can point me in the right direction to see what is being referred to in the blog or advise me what it's all about - I'd really be appreciative. Thanks Jerusha xx

  2. L'il Wayne is a hip-hop artist known for his 'bling' the iphone application just allows people to 'bling' their own photos to be like L'il Wayne.

    The application lets iPhone users choose pictures from their photo library and from there it equips the user with a vast array of his personal bling and outfits to pimp yourself out so you can share with your friends! It's fun to those of us that get it.

    If you want to see L'il Wayne and his 'bling' just do a google images search.

  3. Ageist and elitist - are you serious?

  4. I think it was just a bit of fun... Can't wait for the Domingo blog. Let's hope we don't have to wait too long.


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