09 November, 2008


*** EDIT - The draw has taken place and the winner was Diana. See this post.

I've been lucky enough to be the recipient of many specials gifts from Grobanites all over the world during the past year, and more often than not they don't want anything in return.

So to spread the Josh and celebrate the release of "A Collection" I have decided to give away a copy of the new CD.

Just leave a comment on this post, make a post in the "Leave Me A Message" box on the right or send me an email to tell me you'd like to be included in the random draw.

Entries close 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time on Sunday 16th November 2008. To make it a little easier for my overseas visitors, this equates to (based on information from timeanddate.com):
  • Hong Kong/Singapore - 3pm Sunday 16th
  • London - 7am Sunday 16th
  • Paris - 8am Sunday 16th
  • New York - 2am Sunday 16th
  • Los Angeles - 11pm Saturday 15th
I hope to post the CD to winner early next week, provided it's released here next Saturday 15th November as planned.

*** EDIT - Look what I picked up today (and one day early). Woo hoo!!!! One for me and one for the lucky winner.

**One entry per person**
**Postage included**

Good luck and remember to check back to see if you're the lucky winner.

**Edit - thanks to everyone who's entered so far. Entries have been received from

Erin, SweeneyFan, Wendy, Reut, Marta, Meghan, Katrina, Rose, Corianne, Candice, White, Joanna, Jerusha, Katayoon, Fiona, Diana, Caroline, "If I Just Lay Here", JedidJah, Justafan & Kinga.



  1. Hm... no comments here, then I'll leave one. :)
    Actually I found your blog while desparately trying to understand what is going on with the new album in UK, as I'm in London now. But no news at all. :(

  2. Great idea! Oh, I want to have this CD :) Best wishes for You!

  3. I'd like to be included in the draw! Thanks!

  4. it's a very nice christmas gift! with all the confusions about the release date of JG's new cd, IT IS STILL WORTH THE WAIT!!! :)

  5. WoW! I'd love to have this CD! Please, include me in the random :).

  6. I would love to have a copy of this cd, not for me, although I am a very big fan, but for a friend of mine who introduced me to Josh's music. She was just inducted into our city's Sports Hall of Fame, is an incredible athlete, and an all around wonderful person. I am lucky to have a friend like her.

    I love your blog! I would love to be included in the random draw!

  7. I would LOVE this new CD. And I would love to think it came all the way to Colorado from Australia. Someday...someday...I will get to visit down under. ;-)

    So please include me in the drawing

  8. i think this cd is just a collection of his works, not his greatest hits or anything, because clearly, some of this popular songs aren't here. but hey, this is certainly a josh groban 101 for new fans. listening to this, i hope he'll tour again soon and include malaysia as one of his stops :).

    thanks for being such a nice blogger :)

  9. I would love the other copy of 'A collection' you have spare! I guess like many Grobies worldwide I'm feeling down in the dumps because of the lack of information from Warners, Reprise or Joshs' manage,ent concerning this new cd. They have dangled a carrot in front of us, got us all excited - only to let us down BIG TIME!
    How can they show such lack of respect to Josh and the fans???
    You have it in your power to make one Grobie very happy with this much desired cd. Of course I'd love to be the one but I will be happy for who ever gets it. When one grobie has something nice happen to them, it does tend to "Raise us UP"
    Please include me in the draw.
    Love Jerusha xx UK Grobie

  10. I love JG!!! Great blog;D
    Please include me in the draw.

  11. Sorry, but it is. Diana won the CD. See the Nov entry "And the winner is...".

    I'll edit this post so it's clear. Thanks.


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