08 November, 2008

Patience is a virtue...

...but unfortunately when it comes to all things Groban I have a tolerance level of about zero. So like a lot of fans around the world I'm playing the waiting game and to be honest it's not going very well.

My friends think it's a little weird that I'm so excited about this release, particularly given that the only 'new' song on the CD is "Anthem" from Chess. But for me, it'll be well worth it for this song alone. (Now we just need some details of when the Chess in Concert DVD will be released - but that's a whole other story - LOL...)

"A Collection" was released in the Netherlands on Friday, but I won't have it in my hands until next Saturday (if everything goes to plan). Unfortunately for our UK friends, the release date seems to have changed a million times, and it looks like it's now December 1st.

Just think of the problems that could've been solved if there was a single worldwide release date... Oh well, a girl can dream.

Anyway, this might help to pass the time until 9am next Saturday morning...

(Is it Saturday yet???)


  1. These pics are Great!!!!! Thank you soo much from one Grobie to another!!
    He is sooo beautiful a person inside and out! Josh is such a caring, compassionate, funny, witty,serious singer, musician, son, brother and friend, actually to all of us, his fans...I just love how he blogs us! I just hope he doesn't change where we're concerned; As for his music...well Joshy can sing whatever he wants! He has grown and tried so many different new things and I'm happy for him thinking outside the box-
    I do hope that he will be in a musical on Broadway or in Chicago ( where I'm from)!
    BerdieForJosh- Berdie Held

  2. Nive pics...

    erhm... ben jij Nederlands???

  3. erhm... ben jij Nederlands???

    From an online translator - it says "Are you Dutch?" So if this is correct, my answer is no. I'm from Australia.


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