05 October, 2009

Tears in Heaven...

Given what's been happening in the the Philippines, Samoa & Indonesia recently, I thought it might be timely to post the "Tears in Heaven" video which was made back in 2005. At the time of its release, proceeds from the song benefited victims of Hurricane Katrina, survivors of the devastating December 2004 tsunami in southeast Asia and children affected by emergencies throughout the world.

Josh joined the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, Pink, Velvet Revolver, Kelly Osbourne, Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Robert Downey Jr., Phil Collins and Aerosmith's Steve Tyler in the remake of this famous Sir Eric Clapton ballad.

Josh also recently posted two tweets about the situation in the Philippines

Here are a few more pictures from the shoot.

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  1. I always knew, that Josh is an angel without
    wings. He really brings love and light into
    the world.

    Josh, when I think of you my heart begins to

    From Regina (Germany)
    with love


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