23 October, 2009

They weren't a joke...

OMJ!!! Can't say I'm a fan of the Buddy Holly glasses. Josh is at the OneXOne event in San Francisco. I'm planning to post a longer entry about this later on, but I couldn't resist posting this pic now!

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  1. They are Josh. He is an individual and that's what we love about him. What's wrong with the glasses? Nothing. We are just so used to seeing Josh without glasses.

  2. Glad you like them Caroline. I don't and I'm ok with that. (I'm also ok with not being a fan of YRMU even though Josh sings it like angel.)

    I also think you can be a fan & not like 100% of everything an artist sings, wears or listens to. Unlike Josh, I don't get Bjork @ all. LOL

  3. Hmmm, let's hope he accidently misplaces them. Hee hee.


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