21 October, 2009

Release date...

How exciting - Josh has posted on Twitter that a release date is in site (** Josh's spelling not mine) & we will have new tunes in December... Very exciting. My fingers are crossed that tour dates will follow shortly after!!!

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  1. That's awsome news. I'm sure the wait and all of Josh's hard work will be worth it. It always is.

  2. Ah tour dates! That scares me because I have a panic attack about getting good seats. Do you have suggestions? What's the trick, I need to know!

  3. new tunes in dec...wow can't hardly wait for that..

  4. Ticket hints -

    Be patient
    Fan club members had a pre-sale last time (so if finances are ok, it might be worth joining)
    Have the attitude that no seat is a bad seat

    Good luck


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