05 December, 2009

Out and about...

Josh joined a host of other celebrities at LA's Sunset Towers to 'celebrate' (that really doesn't sound like the right word) the release of Jennifer Anniston's yoga instructor's DVD. What next, a party to open an envelope? LOL

I wonder what happened to the cons? Or did Josh just feel like it was a Nike night?

Watch here to see TMZ's recommendation of a new man for Jennifer.


  1. As much as I really, REALLY can't stand TMZ, that was adorable video of Josh. He's way too good for Jennifer Aniston, though!

  2. What video - where???
    Please post a link if you have one! Please pretty! Love Jerusha xx

  3. Anonymous - you have to click on the word 'here' (which is underlined and in a different color font) as the video cannot be embedded.


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