18 December, 2009

Artists of the 2000s...

Spinner magazine has just listed the top 50 artists of the decade. Josh made the list at No. 38.

From the article -

Our artists of the decade made great music, sure. Not one-and-done, either -- they knew how to repeat. Just as important, they staked their claims in the grand parade of popular culture. From Groban to Gaga, the 50 recording artists we would've had to invent if they didn't exist.

38. Josh Groban
Classically trained and plugged into pop culture, he's the next generation's Pavarotti hottie.

Obviously I thought he should have been higher on the list, but a couple of artists he did beat included John Mayer (#45), 50 Cent (#43), Keith Urban (#41) and Alicia Keys (#39). And according to Spinner the top artist of the decade is Jack White from the "White Stripes". These kind of lists always cause controversy, as to who made it, who didn't and then the position of the said artist.

Regardless of where Josh came on the list, he's my number #1, and nothing will change that.

Source - Spinner.com

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