16 December, 2009

A Night Out...

The paparazzi caught Josh as he left Madeo restaurant on Dec 14th.

The caption on this photo made me laugh - Josh Groban looked sexy in only that special way Josh Groban can as he left Madeo restaurant with some buddies last night.

Photo source - 1 & 2


  1. I also loved the quote. Josh looking sexy in only special way he can is right on the money.

  2. That is the first time I've heard Josh say "That's enough" when that guy tried to get him to sign THREE freakin' autographs, which he said were gifts, but he's probably planning on selling on Ebay! Good to see him know when to say, "enough"! LUV JOSH!!!

  3. I guess sometimes it is Josh`s greatest wish,
    to have privacy.
    At least sometimes.

    from Regina(Germany)
    with love

  4. Me and everybody who watch this video gives the autorithy to the paparazzi to steal his private life. Sad but true. :(

  5. paparazzi what is paparazzi ???? not peperoni sounds stupid>>>>...

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