31 January, 2010

This is so cute...

Josh joins Ethan Bortnick on stage to finish out the song ""The Champ" in tribute to Muhammad Ali at a private concert.



  1. What a good find. Thanks! Can you post it on FOJG?

  2. Hey MAF, after everything that's happened on FoJG during the past week, I think I'd be safer not to. After all, it was taken during a "private" performance & I don't want to get my hand slapped.... LOL

  3. How sad that the POLICING of FoJG makes us go elsewhere to see and hear things relating to Josh, which are acceptable everywhere else but on an official website of the artist in question. So glad they don't have the power to censor every website. Thanks for sharing. Love Jerusha xx

  4. WOW! This is unbelievable... This little kid wrote the song and look how all these folks started singing his song.. Also, I just heard that Ethan will be recording We are the world tomorrow with a ton of starts.. Who is this kid???


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