10 January, 2010

World-wide appeal...

Ok, so back in October, Josh posted this tweet.

The link took us to this YouTube clip:

In the following clip, it looks like the singer is talking about Josh and his tweet. I'd be grateful if anyone can give me anymore information.

Thanks to Nalina and Regina who have been in contact to let us know he talks about. Nalina's comments are below, and Regina emailed me with the following
He said that he thought about that it would be great if Josh heard his version of February song, but he never believed in it really. So he was shocked when somebody told him that Josh mentioned him on Twitter.

Josh is one of his icons so he is really happy that Josh heard his version and tweeted about it. He said that maybe it's a little thing for Josh but it's a really big thing in his life, because since this tweet he got a lots of nice message from all around the world.

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  1. Hi! My name is Nalina, and I'm from Hungary. This guy is a singer/actor, Bereczki Zoltán. And he talks about Josh. He is very proud and happy, because Josh is one of his favourite siger. After (when he read Josh's tweet) he "hovered above the ground".
    So that's all, that he said. :)


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