06 March, 2011

Kelly's Fashion Finder...

Another web extra from the Regis and Kelly Show in which fashion is the focus.

Sadly it doesn't have an embed code so click here to watch.


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  1. Just a thought.I thought you loked so nice all dressed up Josh .Im a married lady with three kids but Ill say it anyway .You looked HOT! lol I love the glasses and the show was really great.Ive seeen you three times and meet you twice.You are so nice.Also I have tickets for3 of your concerts this year.One in the front row and one in the second row.My daughter and I will cheer you on.The other is farther back but its all good.You have a very nice speaking voice with the California Twang.But I was shocked to hear it.BUt your singing voice .I believe that angels breath every time I hear you sing!Hugs from a Grobie !See you this year <3


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