18 July, 2011

Undercover.com interview - Dec 2010...

Opps, looks like I missed posting this back in December last year from when Josh was in Australia.  It's a great long (16:39) interview by Tim Cashmere from Undercover.fm

Josh Groban is planning at least one more album with producer Rick Rubin after a successful collaboration on his latest album ‘Illuminations’.

“Now that Rick and I know each other a little better - this record was a “nice to meet you” to the fans from me and Rick,” Groban told Undercover. “In the future I’d like to explore more with rhythm and more with world music and Eric is someone who is great to do that with.”

“We’ve always viewed this as a two or three album process together. There is so much of a “getting to know you” period in the first record that I think that to only limit it to that, to twelve songs, as a new relationship would be doing both of us a disservice, so yeah, we’re very excited about the next one.

“So far I’ve been going back and forth a lot with my friend Eric Mouquet,” Groban later added. “We met when he was in a band called Deep Forest and we’ve written about two songs an album so far and I think we really miss each other, we didn’t write together on this album.”

The idea to work together first came from the bearded producer.

“We met as two people in the industry who have never met before. We met through a mutual friend and we just wanted to have a fun lunch to talk about music. That lunch turned into him saying “Well if you’re working on songs, I’d be happy to give you a friendly ear, give my opinion.” That turned into me playing him songs, which turned into us talking about how we would make those songs, which in turn had him saying “I don’t do anything half way, I’d like to produce the whole record. This is new for me and new for you, let’s take the leap.”

“I was terrified, but also so honoured that someone of his stature wanted to take on something new. For me, I knew that the work that he had done in the past was not at all like what I do, so I felt like if he was interested in taking that leap with me, I had no choice but to take the leap with him because when else do you get the chance to do that?”

Fans probably don’t have to wait too long to hear the next Groban record.

“I have a sneaking suspicion that this next record is not going to take very long,” the singer said.


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