19 August, 2011

Josh to be on "The Office"...

A few hours ago Josh tweeted:

And now, Deadline.com is reporting the following:
Will we see a duet performance by the Bernard brothers on The Office this coming season? Crooner Josh Groban has been tapped to play the brother of Ed Helms' character Andy Bernardon the long-running NBC comedy series. This is the latest member of the Bernard clan to be cast as the network just cast Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace as Andy's parents. This marks Groban's first TV acting stint since his star-making turn on Ally McBeal 10 years ago. (He has done a couple of voice over gigs on animated comedies.) It comes on the heels of his first movie role in this summer's comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love., where he co-starred alongside former Office leading man Steve Carell.
I wonder if this had something to do with the mysterious cancellation of the San Diego show? Perhaps not... Mindy Kaling (who plays Kelly Kapoor on the NBC sitcom "The Office", and is is also a co-executive producer and writer of several of the show's episodes), has just tweeted this:


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