03 August, 2011

Top 10 Rejected Josh Groban songs...

As seen on The Late Show with David Letterman...

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And a review from the Huffington Post:
We haven't seen Josh Groban have this much fun on late night since he was singing Kanye's tweets on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." You know, back when Kanye's tweets were something we talked about.

Groban, who landed a role in the new Steve Carell/Ryan Gosling rom-com "Crazy Stupid Love" stopped by "The Late Show" Monday night to help out David Letterman with the "Top Ten List."

In what could definitely be Letterman's least yawn-inducing list this year, Groban offers ten snippets of "rejected" songs about news and pop culture. Watch the video and tell us which one should be a real song in the comments below (we're thinking that Marcus Bachmann tune might be pretty

Thanks to f*ckyeahjoshgroban.tumblr here's the top 10 in written form -
  1. It wasn’t broken, wasn’t injured don’t know why it came to pass that Kim Kardashian x-rayed her ass (to the tune of God Bless American)
  2. I see skies of soot, clouds of black, scorching hot days, belching smoke stacks, and I think to myself… Holy crap, we’re screwed (What a Wonderful World)
  3. When you said that you were winning, this outcome was unforeseen, replaced by Ashton Kutcher — charlie sheen (Let It Be)
  4. I’m proud to be a straight guy in each every way since Michelle Bachmann’s husband helped me pray away the gay (God Bless the USA)
  5. You knocked me up like Arnold Schwarzenegger (You Raise Me Up)
  6. How could he know so much about me? As if my thoughts were not my own. It took me a decade to discover that Rupert Murdoch tapped my phone. (Wind Beneath My Wings)
  7. I’ve had all kinds of singing gigs, I’d gladly take again but tonight’s the only time, I’ll do a lame top ten
  8. Fix the economy soon, if you please or else by next year, we’ll all speak Chinese (Climb Every Mountain)
  9. Somewhere out of the internet, when you click, you’ll find multiple photos of Anthony Weiner’s… torso (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
  10. And New York will be better for this, that one man in an amorous mood can get all the legal permission required to marry a dude (The Impossible Dream)


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