04 August, 2011

Q & A...

Before his concert at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center, Josh hosted a Q & A session for Musicopia, the group that was chosen by Josh's Find Your Light foundation.

Musicopia is a nonprofit organization that works with approximately 100 of our region’s professional musicians to present a wealth of music education programs. Musicopia is also the leading advocate for restoring and improving in-school music instruction throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Founded in 1974 as “Strings for Schools,” the organization once focused primarily on classical string music. Now Musicopia provides assemblies, workshops and long-term residencies that span a huge range of musical traditions. Musicopia builds neighborhood vitality through music festivals and community concerts given jointly by students and professionals. These joyous events engage families in their children’s cultural development and celebrate the musical achievements of students at all levels. Through instrument donation drives and neighborhood-based student performing ensembles, Musicopia makes musical participation accessible to underserved students throughout the area. To learn more about Musicopia and how to get involved visit http://www.musicopia.net/. (Source - Find your Light Foundation)

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