16 October, 2011

New music video???

In the interviews Josh did for his appearance on the office, there was one little piece of information he shared that I found to be quite intriguing. When discussing his own relationship with his brother (Chris), he had the following to say (take particular note of the second last sentence)-
I adore my brother to death. He is one of my favorite people on Earth. We are the best of friends. We’re both in the entertainment industry. I’m in the music business and he is a film director and editor but the dynamic, especially when you are exactly four years apart and you have to share a birthday [they were both born on February 27] from the age of four on — it was one of those things when we are 10 and 14, it was a little bit awkward. After that, we were able to kind of settle into our ages. Now we can go out and have a beer and talk about anything. Especially with him watching the ridiculously early success that I had and the fact that he kept his own head and kept his blinders on and really kicked butt in his own way and his own world — now we collaborate all the time. He’s directing a music video for me next week. I’ve composed some music for some of his films
So the question is, what song will Chris be directing the music video for? Leave me a comment if you have any ideas what the next single/video might be. Personally, my pics would be "If I Walk Away" or "Voce Existe Em Mim".


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