30 October, 2011

New video update...

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article where Josh mentioned that he would be working with his brother Chris on an upcoming music video.

Chris has just posted this on his blog -
Hello peoples of the internet. First off, the cat has been out of the bag and dangling quite visibly for some days now. I’m directing a music video for my brother. This will result in a cavernous thud in the minds of some, but I know for others, namely fans of Josh Groban, this will come as overwhelmingly delightful news.

The concept I drew up for the video was birthed from some cold hard facts: I have zero dollars for a budget, and we have to do it while he is on tour. A challenge to be sure. But I have been on the road with the tour for the better part of this week now, and I’m really happy with the footage so far. I’m on the road for a little over two weeks, and I plan to elaborate more once I’m home. So expect me to retroactively journal this experience in full as soon as the experience has resolved.

Today provided a small snafu however, again something I’ll elaborate on in detail in a couple weeks. The quick story is that I woke up today with what felt like a miniature family of five living in my throat. Adorable, but they left little room for talking, or swallowing, or breathing. I’m stubborn, and spent several hours in the wee morning (I certainly wasn’t sleeping) deciding how I could forge ahead and make due. Instead, I freaked out and went to the emergency room. Half a day later, I lie back in my Orlando, Florida hotel room bed where I will be staying, unexpectedly, for at least a couple more days. I will say that I am fine and will be even better with a couple day’s rest. Unfortunately, the tour must go on without me, along with the rest of the video I need to shoot.

Once in high school I shot a short video in my free time with some friends, and I never finished it. It’s the only project I never finished, and it has always bothered me. Bothered me only slightly less than it motivated me to carry to fruition all future endeavors. I write to you now atop a rickety bridge which I must soon decide whether to cross or dive off. And I will tell you now, if the choice becomes a matter of my health or finishing this video, then I must choose the former.

This very day has been one of the most enlightening in some time. I’ve been working tirelessly for weeks. But all that work did was put me in the hospital, where I will inevitably be spending the profits of said work. So in the end, there is no way to cheat time. The few days of rest I could’ve spent earlier, potentially avoiding all sickness, instead occur now by force smack in the middle of a project that I love. But that wouldn’t have made for much of a story. A silver lining to this nauseating day I suppose.

All of that said, plans are hovering, and plane tickets are waiting to be bought. I am checking back into the hospital tomorrow to see if these 24 hours have worked in my favor. If so, a couple more days of rest should be enough for me to justify picking up the camera again. I love this video so far, and I love working with my brother. It’s not an experience easily deserted. I’m afraid you all will have to stay tuned. And in the meanwhile, be good to yourselves. Work just ain’t worth it.

- CG

I really wish Chris a speedy recovery. At the end of the day his health is much more important.

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